How to eliminate suffering and get enlightened

There are two fundamentally different ways in which we can experience ourselves.
First, the way most of us usually experience ourselves: as a creation—a separate […]

What could they possibly have been thinking?

There was a time in America when some people were treated as property, forced to do whatever other people wanted, abused without […]

How to control anger

The first time I really allowed myself to experience my anger I fainted.

I was about 36 and had successfully suppressed my anger since childhood. […]

How to build confidence

Most of us would like to improve our level of confidence.

But why? How does a low level of confidence affect us and what changes […]

I finally stopped bragging

It took me a long time to stop bragging.  About 50 years in fact.

As a child I always bragged about things that I thought […]

What is My Job As A Parent?

“How many times do I have to tell you?”

“What am I ever going to do with you?”

“What’s wrong with you?”

“Don’t you ever listen?”

Imagine yourself […]

How Relationships Are Affected By Beliefs

“Why don’t you have a belief-elimination package that will help me get or improve my relationship?” we are asked regularly.  Most of the eight […]

How To Find The Source Of Beliefs

Since we first offered belief-elimination programs on the Internet last November many people have said to me: The source of the beliefs you give […]

Answers To Common Questions About Beliefs

Last fall I conducted a one-hour tele-seminar in which I answered questions I had been sent about beliefs.  I thought I would devote this […]