Live an Unlimited Life: Creating Freedom With The Lefkoe Method is the first book describing our work that I’ve written since Recreate Your Life, which was published in 1997.  LAUL consists of material from the best 29 blog posts I’ve written in the past four years.  The material is organized into 11 sections, including beliefs, occurring, self-esteem, relationships, emotional eating, money, spirituality, parenting, and organizational implications.

The book’s content

As you read the articles in the book, you’ll finally understand…

  • Why beliefs have the power they do to run our lives.
  • How to permanently eliminate our limiting beliefs.
  • How to stop our daily stress by learning how to dissolve the negative meanings we give to everyday events.
  • How stimulus conditioning causes many of the negative feelings that afflict us.
  • Why so many of us fear failure and rejection and what can be done to overcome these feelings for good.
  • The role of parenting in forming our limiting beliefs.
  • Why we often don’t take action on our most important goals and how to eliminate these barriers so you can live a more fulfilling life.
  • The real cause of emotional eating, namely, behavioral conditioning, where negative feelings have been conditioned to cause us to eat when we aren’t hungry.
  • Why we often feel angry, doing and saying things we later regret, and how to get rid of the causes of anger so you can be calm and collected in even the most difficult of situations.
  • … and lots more.

 To purchase the ebook

 To purchase the ebook, please go to

 The book’s platform is also revolutionary

 Not only is this ebook revolutionary in its content, the platform for the ebook itself also is revolutionary.  I think you will be amazed by the advanced technology used in this ebook.  Created by my friend and publisher Dave Ellis (who wrote the best selling college textbook), the book exists primarily as an iPad App, although it can be accessed with the Safari or Chrome browser and read on any computer.

The book is highly interactive.  The ebook is not meant merely to be read; it is meant to be DONE.  It is designed to  have you actually DO things that will improve your life.

The entire book also has been recorded so you can listen to it instead of reading it or you can listen while you read.  There is also the option of background music that you can listen to while you read.  The ebook looks more like a  magazine than a book, with a lot of graphics and color.  There are scores of links to almost every instructional video  I’ve ever made, most of which are within the ebook itself, meaning you do not have to have Internet access to view  most of the video links.

Like most ebooks, you can search for any word or phrase within the book and change the size of the type.

There is a place to write notes at the end of each chapter.  You can save the notes for yourself like a personal journal, you can have them sent to me (the author), you can send them to a group of readers (that you create), or you can have them sent to all the readers of the ebook.  If you share your notes you will have access to the notes shared by other readers.  We would like to have a lot of notes written before the ebook goes on sale, so when people buy the book and go to look at the notes written by other readers, they will see the notes written by you and the other “reviewers.” Seeing  a lot of notes already there will motivate readers to write their own notes.

The notes written by other readers can be read even when you have no Internet connection.The point of this feature is to give readers the chance to contribute their ides and share their commitments to change their lives with others.

To purchase the ebook

To purchase the ebook, please go to