Why we must define a problem clearly before finding limiting beliefs (and how to do this)

When solving a problem, often defining it clearly is a valuable first step. Sometimes we even discover the barrier in the way once we’ve […]

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How the drip-drip method cures the slow-learning blues

Some skills seem quite difficult to learn.  However, learning is much easier when the right structures are applied.  One of these powerful learning structures […]

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The Thought Discovery Method: A way to find hidden limiting beliefs

Some beliefs are a bit shy and don’t come out when we ask them to at first. So we need a way to allow […]

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Why our limiting beliefs hide in the darkness (and how to bring them to light)

Some limiting beliefs are easy to find.  Some are quite elusive.  To make lasting change in an issue, we need to find all of […]

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How to fix the “fear of others problem” (and why it exists in the first place)

It was 1957. I was sitting quietly in my third grade classroom when suddenly a strange alarm sounded.

The teacher said with urgency “Everyone […]

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Why limiting self beliefs can be so destructive (and how to repair the damage)

The coral reef had become a silent graveyard.

A lone diver placed a few black boxes on the “dead” reef, some cameras and then […]

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Why we avoid doing things that are good for us (and what to do about it)

Myrtle Young heard a crunching sound. Next, she turned around and her mouth gaped wide in a state of shock. She was a guest […]

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Why it’s hard to know if you have a limiting belief (and how to make it far easier)

Wart Ointment Wholesale

Into the Weird Adult Video Emporium

The Colon Care Co-Op

If you visited the East West Market in Vancouver and used one of the […]

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How parents can shift from boss to guardian angel and why this is important

The Lefkoe Freedom Course – Waiting List for September 2019
Previous things that used to frequently upset me no longer do because through this course […]

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