I had a car accident and am grateful to be alive


Note: Shelly wrote this on October 9th.

On Wednesday, September 26, I had a really bad car accident.  I was T boned, which means someone […]

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Shelly Was In A Serious Car Accident

On Wednesday, September 26, 2018 Shelly was in a serious car accident.

She was hit by another vehicle on the driver’s side of her car. […]

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How to identify the meanings that cause you to procrastinate (without excessive navel-gazing)

When you turn on an incandescent light bulb, what is happening?

Electricity flows into a very thin wire in the bulb called a filament.

That wire […]

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The fear of not living up to expectations and what to do about it

Success story

When I started the the Lefkoe Freedom Course with Shelly, I had so many occurrings. I woke up in the morning and my […]

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Do you know these five steps to overcoming the biggest barrier to learning?

Imagine that you wake up in the morning.

You walk to the bathroom.

And you are surprised by what you see.

Your face is distorted as if […]

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Why We Yell At Our Loved Ones And How To Stop

Have you ever yelled at someone you cared about, then later regretted it?

Most people have.

Would you like to stop?

Most people do.

I’m going to tell […]

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The Last Quarter Of An Inch …

Hi, it’s Shelly Lefkoe, co-founder of the Lefkoe Institute.

You know, when my kids were little, I always taught them that life was like […]

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Celebrate What’s Right With The World

Here’s a link to the video Celebrating What’s Right With The World.

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How I healed an emotional wound

To check out the book The Four Sacred Gifts click here.

Client Success Story

It is beyond words to says how well this program works and […]

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