Overview of offerings

We are asked questions from every corner of the globe about the Lefkoe Institute’s products and services that are designed to free you from your suffering and self-imposed limitations and enable you to create unimagined new possibilities for your life.

Although we are happy to talk to you directly and personally answer all your questions, the following material describes all the products and services we offer and how they differ from each other. It should help you decide which of our products or services will best help you reach your goals and give you some suggestions on where to begin.

How the Lefkoe Institute can help you

You have four options to eliminate your limiting beliefs and conditionings:

Option 1: Eliminate three beliefs on-line without charge

The best place to get an experience of how the Lefkoe Belief Process (LBP) helps you unlearn beliefs is http://recreateyourlife.com/free, where you can eliminate three of the most common beliefs without charge. This is an excellent way to determine if The Lefkoe Method (TLM) will be useful for you.

Option 2: Natural Confidence digital program

The simplest and least expensive way to unlearn 19 of the most common beliefs and four of the most common conditionings is our Natural Confidence program. Getting rid of these beliefs and conditionings will eliminate eight common problems, including a lack of confidence, procrastination, worrying what others think about you, and your fear of rejection. This is available as streaming video.

Information and an order form can be found at http://recreateyourlife.com/naturalconfidence.

Option 3: Sessions with Certified Lefkoe Method Facilitators

The vast majority of our work using The Lefkoe Method with over 14,000 private clients has been done over the phone or video Skype, so we’re able to work with you regardless of your location. One-on-one sessions are currently available with our Certified Lefkoe Method Facilitators (CLMF).

If you’re interested in live, one-hour sessions, you can get a free strategy session to see if we are a fit for you at https://www.mortylefkoe.com/free-strategy/.

Although we have helped clients with almost all the problems they might see a psychotherapist for, including problems as serious as depression and phobias, and as common as worrying about what people think of you and procrastination, we have several niche areas that a CLMF can help you with. The major ones are described below.

Option 4: Learn to use the Lefkoe Belief Process Yourself And Others

Learn to use the Lefkoe Belief Process to eliminate your own beliefs or the beliefs of others. Because so many of you asked us to create a course so you could learn how to eliminate beliefs on your own, we did so and started offering the Lefkoe Method Training 1 (LMT1) at the end of 2011. This online course only teaches you how to unlearn a belief once you know what it is. For more information about this course, please go to https://mortylefkoe.com/lmt1/

In 2013 we started offering the Lefkoe Method Training 2, which teaches you how to clearly identify the specific issue you want to get rid of and then shows you how to find all the relevant beliefs that cause the problem. We only invite graduates of LMT1 to take this course.

In 2016 we started offering the Lefkoe Method Training 3 which teaches you how to use some of the de-conditioning processes. These processes change emotions that are left over after beliefs are eliminated. The processes are named as follows: the Lefkoe Stimulus Process, the Lefkoe Sense Process, the Lefkoe Expectation Process, and the Lefkoe Behavioral Deconditioning Process.  Attendance in this course is also by invitation only.

In addition to helping you eliminate behavioral and emotional problems by helping you get rid of your beliefs and conditionings, we also offer:

The Lefkoe Occurring Course (formerly called the Lefkoe Freedom Course)

At present there is only one way to learn how to use the Lefkoe Occurring Process (L)P) and that is the Lefkoe Occurring Course. This course consists of a two-hour weekly webinar for 10 weeks. In this course you learn, first, how to distinguish between events and the meaning you give those events (how the events occur to you) and, second, how to completely dissolve the meaning so you are left with nothing but the events. And because most of our moment-to-moment feelings are the result of the meaning we give to meaningless events, dissolving the meaning also dissolves the negative feelings caused by our occurrings, such as frustration, annoyance, upset, stress, anxiety, and anger. For more information on this course please go to https://mortylefkoe.com/lfc/

Help with Parenting

Shelly Lefkoe, a Certified Lefkoe Method Facilitator for over 20 years, has created a separate parenting business that offers a seven-CD program called “Parenting the Lefkoe Way.” It teaches parents how to enable their children to form positive beliefs out of their daily interactions and helps parents identify beliefs they may have that are adversely affecting their parenting. For information about this course, please go to http://empoweringmykids.com/

Please don’t hesitate to call us at (415) 506-4472 if you still have any questions. Our office hours are 9:15 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Pacific time, USA.

For information about the many aspects of The Lefkoe Method and how it applies to all areas of life, subscribe to our weekly blog posts at https://www.mortylefkoe.com/blog/

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