About the book

Why Do Successful Entrepreneurs Struggle?

As an entrepreneur, you’re a master at solving problems and selling solutions. But limiting beliefs can still derail your progress.

If you’ve ever…

  • Hesitated to seize an opportunity, or been slowed down by self-doubt…
  • Struggled with your work-life balance, leading to burnout and ruined personal relationships…
  • Viewed any failure as a catastrophic setback instead of a learning opportunity…

Then “Hitting The Wall” is a must-read, packed with strategies to shatter these limitations, paving the way for you to unleash your true entrepreneurial potential.

When you read “Hitting The Wall,” you’ll get inspired with real-life examples of people whose lives dramatically changed when they addressed the beliefs standing in their way.

In the book, Shelly Lefkoe and Vahan Yepremyan reveal how you can…

  • Identify and permanently eliminate the hidden beliefs that hold you back
  • End damaging behavior patterns so they no longer derail your career or decimate your relationships.
  • Finally live the authentic, joyful life you were meant to live.

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What are people saying about the book?

“My beliefs about ‘being the boy with the broken brain’ almost stopped me from learning and living a more limitless life. This book walks you through a powerful process that will help you rid yourself of the beliefs that keep you from unleashing your superpower and potential. I have known Shelly for over fifteen years and I can say from personal experience, this process works.” Shelly and Vahan have written a book that will change your life forever.”

Jim Kwik, leading brain coach and New York Times bestselling author of Limitless

Hitting the Wall is a must-read for everyone who ever struggled with impostor syndrome, procrastination, or any other issue that stops you from being the best you can be. Even people’s health is impacted by their beliefs. Hitting the Wall has got all the tools you need to face your feelings, stop making excuses, and accomplish the things you dream about.”

JJ Virgin, CNS, CHFS, celebrity nutrition expert and Fitness Hall of Famer

“My work with Shelly had a huge impact on my life—I was able to stop being a workaholic and enjoy life more. And I was still successful! I recommend this book for anyone who wants to get rid of the barriers that keep them from having the life they want.”

Mark Hyman, MD, New York Times bestselling author, Director of Functional Medicine at Cleveland Clinic


Shelly Lefkoe

When her husband passed away in 2015, Shelly Lefkoe found herself at the helm of their business. She didn’t know the difference between a PNL and a balance sheet, but she did have a skill she’d honed over 3 decades: helping entrepreneurs shatter their limitations. Rising to the challenge, she nearly doubled the business profits in just a three years.

As the Co-founder and CEO of the Lefkoe Institute, Shelly has taken her unique skillset to the global stage. An acclaimed international keynote speaker and workshop leader, she has empowered thousands of entrepreneurs to break free from their constraints. Her transformative programs have touched over 150,000 lives across the globe, and her groundbreaking work has been spotlighted on the Today show, Leeza, and other platforms.

In “Hitting The Wall,” Shelly distills her 35+ years of experience in overcoming limiting beliefs. She reveals how YOU can eliminate your inner barriers and pave the way for a future brimming with abundant time, unprecedented achievements, and unparalleled personal freedom. Prepare to redefine what you thought was possible in your business – and your life.

lefkoeinstitute.com  •  recreateyourlife.com

Vahan Yepremyan

Vahan Yepremyan’s journey from a slow-growing business to a “super growth” mode that outpaced giants like Amazon and Lyft is nothing short of extraordinary. Born in USSR at a time when entrepreneurship was illegal, Vahan had to overcome deeply ingrained beliefs to achieve success. His secret? A deep dive into personal development and the eradication of limiting beliefs, which unlocked extraordinary business results.

An accomplished business attorney, speaker, author, and entrepreneur, Vahan is the founder of Yepremyan Law Firm. For over two decades, his firm has been a trusted legal and strategic business adviser to a diverse client base from over 20 countries, ranging from start-ups to multi-billion dollar projects. In 2022, The Financial Times selected Yepremyan Law Firm to its list of top 500 Fastest Growing Companies in Americas, a testament to Vahan’s transformative approach.

Vahan’s passion extends beyond his business. He is a staunch advocate for entrepreneurs who are making our world a better place and is involved in several charitable organizations advocating for children’s rights.

In “Hitting The Wall,” Vahan invites you to embark on a similar journey of self-discovery and growth, promising that the rewards will be well worth the effort.


A word from Jack Canfield

“In my book The Success Principles, I stress the importance of identifying and replacing one’s unconscious limiting beliefs in order to attain true and lasting success in life. Shelly Lefkoe has developed a technique that works like magic to do exactly that. Having experienced this work personally I now enjoy much greater balance in my life. Vahan has helped thousands of entrepreneurs change their lives, and in Hitting the Wall they now show you how you can use it to break free and create the life you dream.”

— Jack Canfield

Co-author of the bestselling Chicken Soup for the Soul® series and The Success Principles™: How to Get from Where You Are to Where You Want to Be

Praise from Founders and CEOs…

I can’t believe Shelly Lefkoe and Vahan Yepremyan are ‘giving this away’ as a book! This could easily be a multiday workshop costing thousands of dollars, and it still would be a bargain. The step-by-step instructions to identifying and removing limiting beliefs are incredible!

Seth Greene, CEO, Nine-time Bestselling Author, Founder of Market Domination LLC, Host of the SharkPreneur Podcast

It’s so empowering to learn how to instantly eliminate your limiting beliefs. Before Shelly, I subconsciously self-sabotaged in business and relationships because of beliefs I was unaware of and that did not serve me. With Shelly’s help and incredible coaching, I’ve learned that I truly can be, do, and have anything I choose.

Christiane Seale, Serial Entrepreneur, Founder of Vitruva and Startupbootcamp

Shelly has been incredible to work with and has helped me overcome beliefs in both personal and professional life that give me control of decisions I haven’t thought I would be able to control. Makes life a lot easier and gives me power to be who I want to be. Thank you!

Jan Bednar, CEO of Shipmonk

Shelly’s work is so powerful and like nothing I’ve experienced before! Her work led to massive change from the very first session, digging deep in a structured way that is results focused. Her framework has helped me reach business goals in months that I’ve been striving to achieve for years, connect more deeply with my daughter and family, and increase my self-confidence as a leader. I am so excited she is finally sharing this with the world!

Marcos Cordero, Serial Entrepreneur (2x Exits), Founder of VentureKite

“Hitting the Wall” is a quick, effective, and valuable read. Both authors, Shelly Lefkoe and Vahan Yepremyan, draw from their personal and business experiences to highlight the importance of one’s belief system.

I came across this book during a pivotal time in my life, and it helped me better understand how my own reaction to things is the biggest trigger for my emotional state. Learning how to apply positive vs. negative meaning to a situation was eye-opening. It is a practical read with a concise message and simple steps to begin the process of changing how we are wired to think. It is no easy feat, but it is possible with the right tools!

Chapter 5, “Success on your own terms,” was especially enjoyable and inspiring. Vahan takes us on his journey of self discovery and redefining success as well as happiness.

Ellina Abovian, Emmy nominee, KTLA 5 News Reporter

In matters of finances and law – trust is a paramount cornerstone, and though should be a given, is rarely found. Over the decade that Vahan has looked after my personal and business matters there has never been a second where i have doubted my trust in his dedication, competence and commitment. Vahan and his team are meticulous and concise in their approach and really look at the whole eco-system of ones work-life rather than specific matters. This proactively protects me and my business and sets me up for success. They are the warmest people, who know their work and love their work, but most importntly who know you and care about you deeply.

Yuna Megre, “Megre Interiors”. Mari Vanna / Ginza Group. Award winning entrepreneur, designer and restauranteur.

Working with Vahan has truly shown to be an investment. Without question he is invested in you as a person, seeing you strive in your business, and really doing right by the law and by you. I met Vahan ten years ago and we have been working together ever since. He has grown from attorney, to confidant, now to all of the above and our business manager. His savviness as an entrepreneur, his expertise in law, and his genuinity is what sets him apart from the rest.

Christina Boyd, Co-Founder of CEO of JluxLabel, award winning fashion brand

Vahan is a very experienced and knowledgeable attorney who has provided excellent service both to me and a number of my clients. His commercial awareness and business sense are what set him apart from the competition – he knows what is important and what isn’t, and is able to get deals done quickly and efficiently. He is certainly a trusted advisor – in fact he is the first person I call for advice on any business transaction.

Daniel Hepher, Owner