by Morty Lefkoe


Re-Create Your Life

Re-create Your Life describes a process that enables people to quickly and permanently solve most of their emotional and behavioral problems by eradicating the beliefs that cause them.

Morty Lefkoe describes how he created the Lefkoe Belief Process, how it works, how it is different from psychotherapy, and its profound philosophical and spiritual implications. (The other LM Processes described on this web site had not been created when the book was written).

He explains how it has helped over 1,000 people to totally eliminate such problems as eating disorders, depression, anxiety, hostility, and the inability to express feelings.

One of the other Lefkoe Processes has been used with over 10,000 employees in forty companies to make fundamental changes in their corporate cultures and worker’s behavior.

Many books offer advice about how to cope better with problems – at work, at home, in organizations, and in society. Re-create Your Life does not. Instead, it describes a process that enables people to eliminate the problems totally, by quickly and permanently eradicating the beliefs that are their source. This book explains why people and organizations frequently don’t do what they already know they should do. Even more importantly, it explains what they can do so that they are able to use what they already know.

Re-create Your Life presents a new theory about the nature of human consciousness, creation, and change that has important implications for our psychological well-being, organizational effectiveness, parenting, crime and violence prevention, drug and alcohol rehabilitation, health care, and most of the institutions of society. Unlike most theories about human nature, however, this one includes a very practical method to produce significant and lasting change. This book can help us positively transform our society, our organizations, and our lives.

This book has important implications for, and will appeal to, many different audiences: individuals who want to make changes in their own lives; parents who want to improve their parenting; politicians and others who are trying to improve society’s institutions; social workers, counselors, and psychologists who work with teens at risk, in substance abuse and eating disorder clinics, in prisons, and with families in inner cities; people who want to improve their mental and emotional state in order to improve their health; professional and weekend athletes who are trying to improve their performance, and business people who want to create organizations that adapt quickly to change.

We have just started (September 2009) including with the book a CD-ROM that will help you eliminate two of the most common limiting beliefs, Mistakes and failure are bad and I’m not good enough. It also includes “Who am I Really?”, a process that helps you shift your identity from a creation to the creator of that creation.

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