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Would You Like To Help Others Eliminate Their Beliefs?

Would You Like To Eliminate Your Beliefs On Your Own?

If you answered yes to either question, I’ve got good news for you.

We’ve created an online training program reveals the time-tested techniques for eliminating beliefs in 30 minutes — techniques you can use over and over to help people profoundly improve their lives.

This program teaches the 8 steps required to eliminate a belief permanently… and how to troubleshoot the process when a person doesn’t eliminate a belief the first time through.

Here’s what happened to a few people after completing our online training program.

Veronique was able to use what she learned to help her sister eliminate beliefs when she was only halfway through the course.

Three weeks ago, I started practicing the LBP on my sister …

I enjoyed every minute of this very insightful course and I do recommend it. During the eight weeks of the course, I gained much confidence and I learned all the skills and techniques necessary to master the Lefkoe Belief Process. Three weeks ago, I started practicing the LBP on my sister, and together we have already managed to eliminate a few beliefs she held and change her creation. I am thrilled to know that I now have the ability to change my life and the life of the people I love. I will forever be grateful to Morty for changing my life and for empowering me to change others’ lives.

Veronique Bessard, Entrepreneur, Switzeland

Suzanne is a therapist and coach who is now able to help her clients more quickly than she has in the past.

The Lefkoe Method is by far the most effective and elegant treatment I offer my clients.

I have been counseling and coaching people for the past 17 years. The Lefkoe Method is by far the most effective and elegant treatment I offer my clients.

This training clarifies the underlying key points so that anyone can use the method for themselves or their clients. It distills the Lefkoes’ years of experience to provide valuable tips on how to tell if the method is working and how to troubleshoot.

After you’ve experienced this powerful method for yourself, you’ll want to know how to help others unlock the grip of the past once and for all, and this training gives you the key!

Suzanne Bare, MA, RelateGreat Coaching Behavioral Health Instructor, Kaiser Permanente Moraga, CA, USA.

Joseann is now able to use The Lefkoe Method to help people who can’t seem to move forward in their lives.

“I feel perfectly able to do this process with anybody who is suffering from limiting childhood beliefs.”

The Lefkoe Method Training was a very valuable experience and it has done two main things for me: It has deepened my understanding of the Natural Confidence Program, of how beliefs are formed and how they operate in my life. And it has provided me with an elegant way to help other people out of stuck places just by asking a few very distinct questions in a structured sequence. For all possible pitfalls or difficulties in the process tools are given on how to deal with them, so that I feel perfectly able to do this process with anybody who is suffering from limiting childhood beliefs.

Joseann Freyer-Lindner, Finland

A Little Background – And An All Too Common Problem

We’ve helped many people eliminate beliefs that were holding them back, whether they used our video programs or experienced one-on-one sessions. What we’ve heard over and over again from these folks is they wished they could eliminate their beliefs on their own and help their family and friends get rid of beliefs too.

They might hear a family member or friend start talking and say something like, “I’m not good enough,” but they don’t know how to help the person eliminate the belief. So they don’t even try. Or they try using what they remember from their experience when they used one of our programs, but it doesn’t work.

They might identify a belief of their own and not know how to apply the Lefkoe Belief Process to that specific belief. They know what they need to do in general, but they don’t know exactly how to do it. This can be very frustrating.

If either has happened to you, it’s understandable because few people have the specialized knowledge required to eliminate any belief on their own or know how to help someone else eliminate a belief. In fact, there are probably less than 200 people in the world right now who are able to use the Lefkoe Belief Process to permanently eliminate limiting beliefs.

Two Secrets To Eliminating Beliefs Consistently

To help others get rid of their beliefs consistently you need to know two things.

  1. The principles that underlie each step in the Lefkoe Belief Process.
  2. The troubleshooting techniques to use when a person doesn’t understand a step of the Process.

Knowing only techniques is like having directions to a new place but no map. You can get to your destination as long as nothing goes wrong. But if a road is blocked, you can’t find your way.

But knowing the principles is like having a map of the entire territory. If you follow the directions and a road is blocked or there’s just too much traffic on the route you’d originally planned to use, you can always find a new route to your destination … on your own.

And that’s what you get in this course: You get specific directions and a set of principles that will guide you when things don’t go as expected, allowing you to consistently use the Lefkoe Belief Process to eliminate beliefs on our own.

Here’s What The Training Did For Past Participants

The following comments from people who’ve already learned how to use the Lefkoe Belief Process show you how fulfilling life can be when you help people eliminate their beliefs.

Sara Staehle is a psychotherapist in California. Learning how to eliminate beliefs transformed her practice.

The profound changes that have occurred in clients with whom I’ve used The Lefkoe Belief Process have awed them and me. I’ve seen phenomenal inter- and intra-psychic change in them. What is most encouraging about the change is that it seems to be immediately integrated into their lives. Moreover, it appears to be permanent.
Sara Staehle, M.F.C.C., Psychotherapist

Barbara Whitney, another psychotherapist, was able to use what she learned to handle just about every issue her clients bring to her practice.

I have been a licensed therapist for over 25 years and I consider The Lefkoe Method to be the most effective tool I have learned and used to support and facilitate significant transformation in my clients’ lives. The Lefkoe Method is elegant, profound, and pragmatic. I have used it to address and resolve family of origin issues, psychodynamics, cognitive-behavioral problems, parenting problems, issues of co-dependency and some aspects of post-traumatic stress disorder. I love it!!!

Barbara Witney, M.F.T., Psychotherapist

Agnes Mura is an executive coach who was able to immediately use what she learned to help a client who was too emotional to do “coaching.”

Thanks to the thorough practicing I used the The Lefkoe Method NEXT DAY (without my notes handy) with a Deloitte & Touche client, who was so personally distraught, there was no point in talking business during our executive coaching session. If you could have seen the radiance on that face after an hour! So … the tool is powerful and rich!

Agnes Mura, MA MCC, Past President, LA PCMA

Gabriel Garciamendez was able to transform two of his clients’ lives just a few days after he took one of our trainings.

After attending The Lefkoe Method weekend workshop I can not only save time, but now I really help my client(s) like never before. I have already tested The Lefkoe Method with two of my clients. I could not believe the look on their faces once they realized the instant and profound change. It’s really a breakthrough. I believe that all coaches and other professional helpers would benefit and be much more effective in their work using The Lefkoe Method. I love the fact that Morty and Shelly Lefkoe are committed to their work and that their dream is to make this technique available and affordable so more people can be reached.

Gabriel Garciamendez, Life Coach/Strategist

You could be getting similar results. All you have to do is apply the principles and techniques I’ve laid out for you in my training course:

How To Bust Limiting Beliefs For Good:
The 8 Steps That Eliminate Beliefs Every Time

Everything you need to know to eliminate beliefs in 30 minutes or less consistently is revealed in complete, step-by-step detail.

By mastering the eight steps to eliminating beliefs, you’ll be able to reliably help a person bust limiting beliefs whether that person is a friend, family member or a client. Every time you do it, you’ll give that person more freedom and more possibilities for taking meaningful action.

Here’s an overview of what’s included in this comprehensive program.

Eight Powerful Steps To Eliminating Beliefs For Good

When you master the eight steps of the Lefkoe Belief Process –- both the principles that inform each step and how to fix what can go wrong at each step — you’ll be able to eliminate beliefs every time. In our training we teach you how to do the following:

  • Identify the source of a belief. Before you can even begin to eliminate a belief you must find the events that led to that belief. You’ll discover the major barrier to a person finding the source and how to do a pre-emptive strike on this barrier so people can easily find the source of the belief they intend to eliminate.
  • Alternative interpretations. Alternative interpretations help a person realize their belief is only one of many ways to interpret the events that led to the belief. When you learn the ins and outs of this step, you’ll discover how easy it is to come up with ineffective interpretations that don’t help the client get rid of a belief and how to make sure you create useful ones that bring the client a step closer to eliminating their belief each time.
  • The seeing step. You’ll discover how to make sure a client realizes she didn’t see her belief in the world … and how to help people eliminate the belief even if they say, “I never saw it.”
  • No Meaning. For a person to eliminate a belief, he needs to know that the events that led to the belief have no inherent meaning. We show you two very powerful ways to help clients through this step that make them realize events have no inherent meaning, so they can get rid of their belief for good.
  • Kinesthetic step. Some people need to address the feelings they had when they were forming a belief to get rid of it. And that’s what the kinesthetic step does. When you learn how to effectively lead a person through this step, you can help just about anyone eliminate a belief.
  • Is the belief gone? To be effective at anything you need to gain feedback that shows whether what you did worked or not. So we show you how to know if the belief is gone, so you can learn from each experience of taking someone through the Lefkoe Belief Process — an absolute necessity for mastering it.
  • What to do if the belief is not gone. Knowing that a belief didn’t go away is not all that helpful on its own. You need to find out why the belief didn’t go away and know what to do about it. So we show you how to discover what didn’t work and how to get it to work, so you can eliminate beliefs every time you work with someone else or yourself.
  • How to get people to experience who they really are. When a person eliminates a belief it is possible to help them get into an altered state of consciousness. In that state they experience that who they really are is the creator of their lives. They feel that anything is possible and that they have no limitations. We show you the underlying principles of this part of the process, which allows you to help people get into this state every time they eliminate a belief. Doing that makes a profound difference in their lives and also makes them want to keep working with you, so you can help them get rid of even more beliefs.

How We Ensure You Develop Mastery

Each step is taught using the three-part learning formula that guarantees your success.


In each lesson we tell you what you need to do a step effectively. We give you the principles, explain the techniques and provide you with exercises to make you successful.

We then show you how to do each step by letting you hear examples from our own sessions. This step is called modeling and according to several research studies including it dramatically improves learning.

We then give you a chance to do each step. We give you assignments –- some of which are scored instantly by computer and others that we review personally –- so you can be sure you’ve understood the material and know how to apply it effectively.

We’ve left nothing to chance because we want to make sure all the people who take this course are able to help themselves and others eliminate beliefs every time they take someone through the Lefkoe Belief Process.

Here’s Everything That’s Included In This Powerful Program

This in-depth program teaches you everything we’ve learned during the past 30 years about how to eliminate beliefs. You get everything we’ve covered above, plus much more, in the following components.

How To Bust Limiting Beliefs For Good

This comprehensive, 10-module training takes place over eight weeks. Each week, you’ll get written lessons you can download to your computer. You’ll also get your assignments to be completed one a day from Monday through Friday. Every day that you post, you’ll get personal, written feedback to make sure you truly grasp the material.

All the ideas and techniques I described above are covered in detail. This course doesn’t just tell you what to do and how to do it. The principles behind each step are also thoroughly explained. You’re given complete step-by-step instructions showing you precisely how to carry out each step.

This is already quite a lot. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg. You see, I’ve put together the most comprehensive package you could ever ask for. Nothing has been left to chance in this training. Take a look at these features that will also boost your learning:

Feature #1: Convenient Answers To All Of Your Questions

Even with everything you get, because what you’re learning will be new to you, you may have questions you’d like answered. Here’s a powerful solution.

Each week during the eight-week training I’ll schedule a live question-and-answer session. I’ll answer any question you have about how to help people eliminate beliefs for good. Each live session will be 30 minutes to an hour long and will be recorded so you can listen again at your convenience.

Feature #2: The Lefkoe Belief Elimination Lessons

Seventy pages of instruction that shows you in written form everything you need to know to help people get rid of limiting beliefs. We distilled 30 years of our experience eliminating beliefs into this document. They contain everything you need to know to begin transforming lives.

Feature # 3: The 35 Most Common Negative Beliefs People Have

To help people eliminate beliefs, you’ll need a list of beliefs that most people have so you can start transforming your life and the lives of others right away.

Premium Bonuses

The following bonuses come with the premium option.

Bonus: Detailed feedback on a recorded session[can also be used as a session on yourself] (value $350)

At some point, you may have doubts about whether you really know what you’re doing. One way to do that is with detailed feedback. We listen to your session and give you a transcript with feedback attached to the specific words you and your client said. You are left with no doubt about how well you did and what you need to do differently to improve. (And if you don’t want to work with clients, you can use this as a session to work on your own issues).

Bonus: How the experts do it – Recordings of Morty and Shelly
(value $199)

Some training programs try to get you to sound like clones of your instructors. This can leave you feeling like you’re learning with a straightjacket on. With this bonus, you get to see myself (Shelly) and Morty each do sessions with two clients (total of four sessions). You’ll see Morty’s more serious style and my approach which Morty said was more lighthearted and fun. But here’s the thing: We both were equally effective. These recordings help you see that more than one style will work with the Lefkoe Method and they will help you find your personal approach.

Who is this course for?

This course is for those who want to master the ability to eliminate beliefs — both of themselves and of others. And not just eliminate beliefs but do so in a way that is smooth and respectful of the client. Therefore, we’ve had therapists, coaches, consultants and even doctors in our course. But also people who’ve never coached another person in their lives.

If you’ve never guided a person through a life-changing process, it doesn’t matter. And if you’re a seasoned professional, there’s still the Lefkoe Method to learn. Every course has a mix of people from different countries, backgrounds and skills. And this course moves them all along the path where they become superb at helping people eliminate beliefs.

Have a look at the prospectus

The prospectus takes you on the journey of the Lefkoe Method Training 1 through the years. It shows you how the course is conducted and then moves into the experiences of past participants.

Click here for the 23-page pdf with details on how the course is conducted and what people say.

Complete Details of the Course: (Tentative dates)

Duration: How many sessions do I get?

Prospectus and what clients say: Click here for the 23-page pdf with details on how the course is conducted and what people say.

Format: How is the course conducted? And who conducts the course?

Cost and Installments: What does it cost? Is there an installment plan?

Purchase: How do I sign up for the Lefkoe Method Training 1 right away?

Guarantee: Is there a guarantee?

Support: Do I get any support?

Cancellation: What if I can’t attend the course?

This leads us to the nitty-gritty details

How many sessions do I get?

The course starts on TBD. However, you can start learning by TBD. We give you access to some materials so that you will be relaxed and ready to learn. You and your fellow students will be on the same page with no surprises.

The course runs from TBD to TBD — 8 weeks.

You get access to some materials, and therefore there are no surprises. You come to the course fully prepared and relaxed. And everyone on the course is on the same page.

Course schedule
Stage 1: You will get access to the first lesson on TBD
Stage 2: The course starts on TBD.

Note: Most course activities are conducted on the forum. Some will involve practice with other participants in the course and some with people you find outside the course.

How is the course conducted? And who conducts the course?

The primary program will be forum-based. You will be given a syllabus and notes for the entire course. You will be working through the forum for the duration of the course. One of my certified instructors will be working with you throughout the entire course. Your instructor will be checking your work five days a week.

Do I get any support?

Yes. There will be a forum especially for the participants. And you can ask all your questions, and an instructor will answer them.

What does it cost? And do you have an installment plan?

See below for information and the installment plan.

Is there a guarantee?

This course has been running since 2010 and the results are more than evident if you read the prospectus, hence there is no money-back guarantee on this course.

What if I can’t attend the course and wish to opt out?

If you have to opt-out of the course because of an emergency, you will be given your money back PROVIDED someone on our waiting list takes your place.

How do I sign up for Lefkoe Method Training 1 (LMT1) right away?

Click here to get on the waiting list.

P.S. Note: Not everyone will be chosen. You need to meet the requirements. And once you register, we will be sending you a questionnaire as well. If you fail to respond to the questionnaire, your money will be refunded right away.

Enrollment Is Limited For This Opportunity To Transform Thousands Of Lives

Because of the personal attention we give, participation in this course is extremely limited. Once all the spots are filled, we’ll be closing the doors … and the next one won’t be offered until next year.

So don’t wait. Take a minute and sign up for this program today.

Once you learn how to use the Lefkoe Belief Process, you’ll never have to watch helplessly as you hear someone you care about complaining that their life doesn’t work.

You can do something about it.

You can restore joy to unhappy lives. You can help people get rid of fears that are holding them back. You can help people who see nothing but limitation see unlimited possibilities.

Don’t delay. Sign up now. Let’s get started right now transforming you into a master of eliminating beliefs for good!

Co-Founder of The Lefkoe Institute

P.S. Remember, I completely guarantee your success. Which means you have no risk in trying this powerful training program.

Think of it, what’s it worth to transform the life of one person? One person whose life would have continued on with less joy and fulfillment and perhaps more pain.

Now multiply that value a few hundred times. That’s the value of this course. Register today.

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Regular Premium
LMT1 printed lessons
Written feedback on your assignments
Live Q&A Sessions x 7
Thirty-six common beliefs
BONUS: Detailed feedback on a recorded session ($350 value)
Bonus: How the experts do it – Four recorded sessions of Morty and Shelly helping clients
(valued at $199)
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The Lefkoe Belief Process is able to change the emotional power of the unconscious brain-wired beliefs we form in childhood. The client doesn’t realize these beliefs are distorting his perception of reality. When the LMBP “unwires” the beliefs, the distortions are eliminated.

Edith Jurka, M.D., Psychiatrist

The LMBP is a highly effective way to quickly and permanently eliminate destructive patterns and negative core beliefs from clients’ lives. It starts producing positive, life altering changes in them after only a few months of weekly sessions.

Elisabeth Wassenaar, M.A., MFT, Psychotherapist

The Lefkoe Belief Method Process released past beliefs and opened new doors for me. Most exciting was my experience interviewing a group of incarcerated felons, both teens and adults. All of them had participated in a study to determine the effectiveness of the LMBP. The results were mind bog- gling. All of them expressed profound changes in both attitudes and beliefs.

Sheila Pakula, C.S.W., A.C.S.W.

The Lefkoe Method Belief Process has helped me personally become more assertive and a lot more confident. As a therapist, I used to sometimes get discouraged and wonder if I really knew what I was doing, when nothing I tried seemed to work. Now I use the LMBP and see my clients make profound changes on a weekly basis. It really does quickly and permanently eliminate the beliefs that cause most of the problems my clients bring in.

Hilary Shaw, L.M.S.W.-A.C.P.

I’ve been in practice for 26 years and I have found all of The Lefkoe Processes the most effective method for deeply meaningful brief treatment, both personally and professionally.

Peggy Carter, M.F.T., Psychotherapist

I am almost stunned about this experience; having been through years of therapy, and spiritual studies, even knowing that I am the creator of my beliefs…nothing has ever made me ‘feel’ it and ‘know’ it so fully… my mind was able to release an old pattern and replace it with truth so gracefully. Your work is truly amazing. You are a blessed teacher; thank you for providing this gift.


This belief work has had a profound impact not only on me but on my clients, and I only started a month ago! I read “Recreating Your Life” by Morty Lefkoe, (he is founder of the Belief Process Workshop) and once I put pen to paper I had not only identified the belief which was blocking my abundance but I have eradicated it completely from my consciousness. I have increased my business by 50% and now I feel as though I can’t handle all the offers. Yes, it’s true. I, however, don’t completely feel competent using it with my clients without reading from the book which is why I am taking the 2 day course. At only $300.00, it’s a steal. I can only imagine what will follow! Who knows maybe I will be married, living in a castle with my own Coaching Empire!

Karynne Boese, Life and Recovery Coach

Your workshop was a powerful respite in a hectic world. In half an hour of engaging in The Lefkoe Method, a foundational belief in my life, which has robbed me of much joy and satisfaction over the decades, disappeared. Before the workshop, I would have sworn that this was impossible. However, I now know that it is not only possible, but very simple. Thank you for this outstanding process. Besides having gained immense personal value from this course, I have a robust new skill to incorporate in my coaching practice.

Inga Estes, President-elect & Program Chair, LA PCMA

As a speaker’s coach The Lefkoe Method is an invaluable tool for helping my clients understand, and access and eliminate the underlying beliefs that prevent them from being comfortable in front of groups. I intend to use it in my practice extensively.

Marion Claire, “The Confident Speaker's Coach”

Most people believe that it takes years of hard work to change a belief that they’ve held since childhood. Morty Lefkoe dared to think otherwise and has spent the past 18 years creating and refining The Lefkoe Method, an ingenious method for quickly eradicating limiting beliefs. … All of us who participated in the DM Workshop were awestruck by the possibilities this process opened up for our clients—and ourselves.

Phil Glosserman, Business Coach

The Lefkoe Method is an extremely valuable tool that has tremendous application with coaching clients. It’s a clean, step-by-step method of eliminating beliefs that impede progress desired by the client. It’s different from re-framing and changing perspectives and is not a coaching technique. The value of this system is its potential to enhance or turbo-charge coaching by removing stumbling blocks in the form of beliefs.

Reggie Weisenbach, Past President, Orange County PCMA