Why it’s hard to know if you have a limiting belief (and how to make it far easier)

Wart Ointment Wholesale

Into the Weird Adult Video Emporium

The Colon Care Co-Op

If you visited the East West Market in Vancouver and used one of the […]

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How to find the hidden beliefs that cause procrastination

Paul McCartney woke up from a dream in 1963. In that dream he heard a melody that would lead him to create the most […]

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How to take better care of you even if you have too much to do

Lefkoe Method Training 1 – The Waiting List is Still Open

I I enjoyed every minute of this very insightful course and I do recommend
it. […]

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I had a car accident and am grateful to be alive


Note: Shelly wrote this on October 9th.

On Wednesday, September 26, I had a really bad car accident.  I was T boned, which means someone […]

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Limiting Beliefs – How they destroy the love of learning

I was capable.  Wasn’t I?

I was 23 and lived alone in New York City.  For the next 8 years I toured the world, and […]

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In Honor Of Morty

May 17th was Morty, my late husband’s, birthday.  He was the creator of the Lefkoe Method and along with me the co-founder of the […]

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Three Ways to Turn Holiday Stress Into Joy

Every December I get calls from clients that want to make sure they can deal with the stress of the holidays.

They say “let’s get […]

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The Anniversary of Morty’s Death

One year ago today the world lost a great man and I lost the love of my life.

I wanted to thank all of you […]

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How to unlearn limiting beliefs – My Afest Presentation

I did this presentation for Afest – a big event for people who love personal growth. Below is the recording of that presentation. Watch […]

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