How to fix the “fear of others problem” (and why it exists in the first place)

It was 1957. I was sitting quietly in my third grade classroom when suddenly a strange alarm sounded.

The teacher said with urgency “Everyone […]

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Why a hidden belief causes fear of failure (and what to do about it)

In 1864, a brutal winter hit the town of Panguitch in Utah (then called Fairview). The people in the town would soon starve if […]

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Discover the cause of your fear of failure in just 10 minutes

Tamara puts a bean stew into the oven on Friday.  Then before the sun goes down, she turns off the oven.  But she doesn’t […]

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The fear of not living up to expectations and what to do about it

Success story

When I started the the Lefkoe Freedom Course with Shelly, I had so many occurrings. I woke up in the morning and my […]

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Three Ways to Turn Holiday Stress Into Joy

Every December I get calls from clients that want to make sure they can deal with the stress of the holidays.

They say “let’s get […]

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What's Really Behind The Fear Of Taking Action… And What You Can Do About It

“I’m not afraid of failing, why would you think that?” This is a common response when I suggest to people who […]

How To Overcome Approach Anxiety

Feeling uncomfortable around others is one of the most common problems people have to contend with.  The National Institute of Mental Health estimate that […]

Is There An Effective Anxiety Treatment?

Have you ever experienced anxiety?  If you haven’t yet, the odds are good that you will at some point in your life.

According to MedicineNet, […]

Fear of rejection

If there was ever a psychological trait that was considered to be a part of human nature, it’s the fear of rejection.

In the thousands […]