I’m Confused And Need Your Help

It’s really simple: if you stop giving meaning to events, your upsets and suffering will virtually disappear.  I’ve explained how and why in great […]

You can have much more happiness than you realize

Most people are more interested in avoiding or relieving pain than in achieving and experiencing happiness.

Thus most people go into psychotherapy or pursue “self-help” […]

There was never anything to be upset about

Today’s blog post is a “how to.”  Something happened to me recently that would have upset most people.  It didn’t upset me.  And I […]

I was upset today … really upset

As I started to get dressed this morning it hit me.  “It” was this overwhelming feeling of unhappiness, heaviness, and upset.  I felt miserable.  […]

Get rid of the pain in your painful memories

Do you have memories that recur from time to time that are painful?  Are there events from the past that upset you every time […]

Why what people do and say sometimes seems insane


Have you ever listened to something a friend or loved one said to you and thought: “They have to be insane!  That makes no […]

How to eliminate suffering and get enlightened

There are two fundamentally different ways in which we can experience ourselves.
First, the way most of us usually experience ourselves: as a creation—a separate […]

It worked. Brilliantly.

Remember last December I wrote that I was about to have a breakthrough? Well, I did.

On February 16, 2010 nineteen people and I began […]

Answers to questions about beliefs, Part 2

Here are my answers to a bunch of new questions I’ve been asked repeatedly about beliefs.

1.  Once you understand that you can’t see beliefs […]