More is possible than we realize

When people know they don’t know something and they want to know about that something, they learn about it. So if you know that […]

Reach your audacious goals as
easily as your “normal” goals

As I’ve been teaching people how to engage in Possibilities Thinking™ (the Steve Jobs mindset that sees possibilities where others see limitations), I had […]

Much More is Possible than You Think

There are things you don’t know that you don’t know. And that fact, perhaps more than any other single thing, is keeping you from […]

What do you know that others think is untrue?

A few days ago I read a fascinating cover story in Fast Company magazine on Peter Thiel. Peter is a billionaire investor who co-founded […]

How Can I Help You?

I’ve spent the last few days experiencing extreme gratitude for my healing (see note below for details on my health condition). That gratitude led […]

Maybe You’ve Been Unable To Change So Far …

Last week Almog left a comment on my blog post that I think is the best explanation I received on why many people don’t […]

Why don’t you want to improve your life?

According to numerous surveys, every day literally millions of people suffer …

from negative feelings (like anxiety, anger, and guilt).
from a fear of taking action […]

Most people agree … and they are all wrong

Because I’m in the change business I am frequently telling people that change is really easy if you know how to do it.  Almost […]

Do You Want To Create New Possibilities In Your Life?

Recently I wrote about how our beliefs become reality for us, determining our behavior and feelings.  Because how we view reality determines the possibilities […]