When people know they don’t know something and they want to know about that something, they learn about it. So if you know that your relationships could be better, that it is possible stop worrying about the opinions of others, and that it is possible to eliminate the beliefs that keep you from being more successful in life—and you want to make improvements in these areas—you have several choices. You can search on Google to find out where to get help. You can ask friends what they did. You can read books and take courses. Etc.

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But what if you think that relationships can’t get any better than what you already have … even if yours is not very good? What if you think that everyone is worried about what others think of them and that it’s human nature to need to be liked and accepted by others? And what if you think that beliefs can’t be eliminated permanently or that you will never be successful, not matter how hard you try? Such people are not looking for a solution because they don’t think one exists. Actually it’s worse than that: far too many people don’t even realize that there is anything wrong.

In other words, if you don’t know that there is something better in life and that you can achieve it, then you will not even search for it.

People don’t look for what they don’t know exists

Hardly anyone searches for someone to help her permanently eliminate beliefs because most people think that is impossible. No one searches for someone to help them de-condition stimuli that cause negative feelings (such as anxiety and anger) because hardly anyone knows that such feelings are can be the result of conditioning and that de-conditioning will get rid of the emotions. And no one searches for a way to stop giving meaning to moment-to-moment events—thereby eliminating most stress and emotional suffering in their lives—because hardly anyone knows that that is possible.

The best example of people not searching for what they don’t know is possible is the experience people have when they do the Who Am I Really? (WAIR?)Process. That Process enables people to make a distinction between themselves as the “creator” and as a “creation.” They get that they are not their beliefs, nor are they the behavior and feelings that come from those beliefs. People who use WAIR? experience that who they really are is the creator of those beliefs, or, putting it more accurately, who they (actually, who all of us) really are is non-dual consciousness. As a result they have the profound experience that they are not the events of their lives, they are the creator of their lives, and, as such, there is nothing missing, anything is possible, and they have no limitations. I doubt that anyone ever searches Google for how to get that experience.

Unfortunately, people don’t search for the most profound experiences in life because they don’t know that these experiences exist. Moreover, for many of those who do have a sense that such experiences might possibly exist, there is a sense that they will never find a way to have them.

Change you never thought possible was possible

So here is my message to you this week: Profound, fundamental change is possible. It is possible to live a joyous, exciting, fulfilling life. It is possible to dissolve negative feelings in an instant by dissolving the meaning you have given the events in your life. It is possible to permanently eliminate the beliefs and conditionings that cause most of the problems in your life. It is possible to experience yourself as the creator of your life, with nothing missing and anything being possible.

There may be beliefs and conditionings in the way, you may feel unhappy due to the meaning you give to daily events (your occurrings), eating may be your conditioned response to a number of triggers, you may not have what you want in certain aspects of your life, you may experience anxiety much of the time, and you may have any one of a number of common, everyday problems (such as procrastination, lack of confidence, and constant stress) … and it is possible to overcome all of these and live a really great life

I know, because my life was a total mess for over 50 years and now it is bliss almost all of the time. (Yes, I currently am dealing with what my doctors are calling Lymphoma, but I am not giving that diagnosis any meaning and I am confident that in a few months I will return to my normal state of health.) And I am not the only one who has achieved this state. Please don’t ever give up the possibility that your life can be all you’ve ever dreamed it could be—and, even more importantly, much more than those dreams. It can be


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