More is possible than we realize

When people know they don’t know something and they want to know about that something, they learn about it. So if you know that […]

Do you need positive self-esteem beliefs?

Many of you have contacted us after eliminating a negative belief using the Lefkoe Belief Process, asking how you can create a positive belief […]

Does "reality" really exist?

If you asked someone, “Do things exist?” the response would probably be, “Of course things exist! The world is full of things. Everyone knows […]

Stop being run by your feelings

At one point or another, everyone has uttered the words: “I am happy.”  And: “I am upset.”

Notice what happens when you say: “I am […]

Get Into An Altered State of Consciousness in Minutes

It usually requires years of meditation (or an uncontrollable “bolt from the blue”) to experience a shift in one’s identity from “self” (one’s body, […]

What Drives You: “Intention” or “Inspiration”?

Everyone knows that success in life is a function of your “intention.”  Right?

I just read an excellent blog post by Joe Vitale ( that […]

What is the relationship between personal and organizational transformation?

I wrote about three types of organizational change in my book, Re-create Your Life, many years ago. Let me draw from several passages in […]

How to eliminate suffering and get enlightened

There are two fundamentally different ways in which we can experience ourselves.
First, the way most of us usually experience ourselves: as a creation—a separate […]

Some Thoughts on Manifesting

Most of my blog posts present material I have a clear point of view on, such as how beliefs are formed, how they can […]