Many of you have contacted us after eliminating a negative belief using the Lefkoe Belief Process, asking how you can create a positive belief in its place.  I explained why that isn’t necessary (or even possible) in a prior blog post:

I’ve recently had some new insights about how to have a positive sense of yourself that expands on that earlier explanation.

A positive sense of yourself can be experienced in two different ways: as the “creator” or the “creation.”  A positive sense of yourself is both the natural experience of the “creator” and the result of specific beliefs possessed by a “creation.”  Let me explain.

Inherent in the experience of yourself as the creator of your life is feeling whole, complete, anything is possible, you have no limitations, etc. In other words, as consciousness, you experience your Self as all the positive self-esteem beliefs.  You don’t “believe” they are true, in that altered state you experience being okay just the way you are and there is nothing missing.

Experiencing yourself as a “creation”

On the other hand, when you experience yourself as a creation, as the person with your name, as a physical “thing,” then you either can have a positive or negative sense of yourself.  Positive beliefs (such as I am good enough, I am important, and I am worthy) result in a positive sense of yourself; negative beliefs (such as I’m not good enough, I’m not important, and I’m not deserving) result in a negative sense of yourself.

When you eliminate negative self-esteem beliefs you don’t need to replace them with positive beliefs, because when you eliminate beliefs using the Lefkoe Belief Process you naturally go into an altered state where you experience yourself as the creator of your life.  In that state, you don’t need positive self-esteem beliefs—the experience they produce is already inherent in the experience of your Self.

So experiencing yourself as the creator of your life is actually a more effective way to experience your “okeyness” than creating specific, positive self-esteem beliefs for the creation.

And, if you use the Who Am I Really? (WAIR?) Process enough times, you will get to the point where you are able to access the “creator” experience any time you want to.  It’s a much more powerful experience than positive beliefs.

By the way, very young children seem to experience themselves as the “creator” does: they seem unafraid of anything, they are not in the least concerned with what others think, they are willing to explore and try anything, they expect to be loved, they expect to get what they want, etc.  In other words, children naturally act as if they have positive self-esteem beliefs until they start forming negative beliefs about themselves.

There’s a parenting lesson here: you don’t need to help your children form positive self-esteem beliefs; you only need to make sure they don’t form negative ones.

To have a positive sense of yourself

So if you want to have a positive sense of yourself, first eliminate your negative self-esteem beliefs and then use the WAIR? Process to experience yourself as the creator of your life.  Try it.  There are no words to describe how thrilling that experience is.

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