Joe Vitale and I discuss the Law of Attraction

“What is your understanding of the Law of Attraction?” I asked Joe Vitale.  He has become a good friend who I really love and […]

Why you should be concerned about your beliefs

If you have read any of the writings of the top self-help experts during the past 10 years—such as Deepak Chopra, Jack Canfield, or […]

Attract Money Now

If you are a reader of my weekly blog, you probably are interested primarily in

personal/spiritual growth, by which I mean improving the quality of […]

What Drives You: “Intention” or “Inspiration”?

Everyone knows that success in life is a function of your “intention.”  Right?

I just read an excellent blog post by Joe Vitale ( that […]

What I just learned will transform my life … and yours

I’m writing this from New Mexico just before I leave my bi-annual meeting of the Transformational Leadership Council (TLC).
Jack Canfield, the co-author of the […]