“If only I had more self-discipline”

When asked what qualities they would most like to have that they don’t already have, one of the most common answers given by people […]

Are you really an imposter?

Do you ever question your abilities despite evidence to the contrary?

Do you ever feel that you are a fraud because you think you don’t […]

I spoke at TEDx: How to stop suffering

For the past couple of months my main focus has been preparing a TEDx talk that I delivered in Hoboken, NJ last Friday, June […]

You said that fear was your biggest problem

Whenever we do a survey of people on our mailing list, asking them to list the biggest problems they face, the most common answer […]

You can have much more happiness than you realize

Most people are more interested in avoiding or relieving pain than in achieving and experiencing happiness.

Thus most people go into psychotherapy or pursue “self-help” […]

Why you can’t motivate yourself to take action

Have you ever tried to motivate yourself to take action? … What happened?  If you are typical, the motivation might have worked for a […]

There was never anything to be upset about

Today’s blog post is a “how to.”  Something happened to me recently that would have upset most people.  It didn’t upset me.  And I […]

Would you like to improve your game?

In order to make this blog post personally valuable to you, I’d like to start by asking you a couple of questions. First, whatever […]

Are you run by your feelings?

Negative emotions like anxiety can be really painful.  I know because I felt anxiety and many other negative feelings intensely and frequently for most […]