About Morty Lefkoe

Morty Lefkoe is president and founder of The Lefkoe Institute. He is the creator of a series of psychological processes (The Lefkoe Method) that result in profound personal and organizational change, quickly and permanently.

How can you end negative feelings without the danger of suppressing them?

Some time ago, I said to an acquaintance “It’s possible to give up having negative emotions” and he said, “But if you suppress your […]

What makes you good enough?

Sometimes when a client has a difficult time acknowledging that she has a negative self-esteem belief that I am certain she has, such as […]

How to improve the quality of your life

I’ve said on many occasions that all of us at the Lefkoe Institute are committed to helping you improve the quality of your life.

But […]

Does it really make a difference what we choose?

During a session last week, a client was trying to decide between two alternative paths for her career. She listed the pros and cons […]

More is possible than we realize

When people know they don’t know something and they want to know about that something, they learn about it. So if you know that […]

Is your happiness really dependent on results?

For most people, happiness and success are a function of the results they achieve. Their lives are dedicated to achieving results. The source of […]

Aphorisms are fun to read but are they useful?

The aphorisms that cover the screens on Facebook and Google+ are what the people posting them consider to be important “information” they want to […]

A personal update from Morty

I want to start by apologizing for being out of touch for so many weeks. Before the past few weeks without a blog post, […]

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Morty Misses You

One of the most joyous things that Morty does is write his blogs.  He loves thinking about how he can come up with new ideas, […]

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