What do you know that others think is untrue?

A few days ago I read a fascinating cover story in Fast Company magazine on Peter Thiel. Peter is a billionaire investor who co-founded […]

Are You Too Self-focused?

Many books in recent years have stated that “trust” is the new key to success in business. Customers are looking for companies they can […]

You can have much more happiness than you realize

Most people are more interested in avoiding or relieving pain than in achieving and experiencing happiness.

Thus most people go into psychotherapy or pursue “self-help” […]

How To Keep Your New Year’s Resolutions

Did you keep your New Year’s resolutions last year?  … What about the year before? …

If you are like most people, you worked on […]

Most people agree … and they are all wrong

Because I’m in the change business I am frequently telling people that change is really easy if you know how to do it.  Almost […]

Why what people do and say sometimes seems insane


Have you ever listened to something a friend or loved one said to you and thought: “They have to be insane!  That makes no […]

Do You Want To Create New Possibilities In Your Life?

Recently I wrote about how our beliefs become reality for us, determining our behavior and feelings.  Because how we view reality determines the possibilities […]

It took me 26 years

Today (Monday) is a holiday and I’m sitting in my office writing this on my MAC.

No one else is around and the phones are […]

Why do you have relationship problems?

Thanks so much for the many thoughtful responses to my post last week asking you how we can contribute to improving your life.

The single […]