How to be more successful than you ever have been

A few weeks ago I wrote: “I’m excited to be able to report that I am now convinced that you can drastically increase your […]

How to be more successful than you ever have been

I’ve just realized that it is definitely possible to do something that I hadn’t thought could be done: Significantly increase one’s ability to become […]

If only…

Most of us live in a world of, “If only … things would all work out, I’d be successful, and I’d be happy”

If only […]

Create your ideal future

What we imagine our future to be is usually based on our past.  In other words, we use our experience of the past to […]

You won’t look for something that you don’t think exists

If you know what you are looking for, Google and the Internet have made it possible to find information about it—whatever it is—in a […]

What does a life coach have that you don't have?

Why has there been such a dramatic growth in the number of life coaches for individuals and executive coaches for business managers and executives?

I […]

Don’t Confuse “Creating Your Own Reality” With The Law of Attraction


My TEDx talk on “How to Stop Suffering” has just been posted on line.  You can find it at […]

Don’t Give Up. Ever. No Matter What.

How would you be living your life today if you hadn’t been able to speak until you were almost four years old and your […]

It Can’t Be Done

“It can’t be done” is never the truth

What people really are saying when they utter these words is: “I don’t how how to do […]