What do you know that others think is untrue?

A few days ago I read a fascinating cover story in Fast Company magazine on Peter Thiel. Peter is a billionaire investor who co-founded […]

Failure is not an option

In an attempt to reduce mistakes and failures and to increase the rate of success, people who manage or coach others often tell them: […]

What is the single biggest barrier to achieving your dreams?

If you really want to understand why you haven’t achieved what you want—why you haven’t been able to manifest your dreams—answer the following five […]

What's Really Behind The Fear Of Taking Action… And What You Can Do About It

“I’m not afraid of failing, why would you think that?” This is a common response when I suggest to people who […]

Things aren’t always what they seem

A little over three years ago we received a notice from our landlord (we had been renting a house ever since we arrived in […]

Don’t Give Up. Ever. No Matter What.

How would you be living your life today if you hadn’t been able to speak until you were almost four years old and your […]

You said that fear was your biggest problem

Whenever we do a survey of people on our mailing list, asking them to list the biggest problems they face, the most common answer […]

Do you have a hard time making decisions?

Do you have a hard time making decisions?

One of the most common problems that clients complain about is their inability to make a decision.  […]

Eliminate The Fear That Stops You

Have you ever told yourself that you were going to do something—something you really wanted to do—and then just never get around to it? […]