I’ve spent the last few days experiencing extreme gratitude for my healing (see note below for details on my health condition). That gratitude led me to wonder what I could do to support you, my readers. What could I write about, what could I offer you, what could I do for you to express my love and appreciation for your support of me? And not just those of you who took the time to write me: What could I do to express the deep love I feel for each one of you?

Teamwork Help Up Golden Business Bar GraphEach week I try to provide some useful information in my blog that will make your lives better in some way. We have free webinars where we answer your questions to help you get unstuck. We create and offer courses and programs that will help you make the changes you want to make. (Visit mortylefkoe.com for all that’

What else can we do for you? What do you want or need that would make a profound difference in your life?

Much more is possible

I know from my personal experience and from the experience of tens of thousands of people we have helped over the past 29 years that it is possible to overcome almost any behavioral and emotional problem. It also is possible to create the experience of bliss.

I overcame severe depression and neediness that led to two divorces. I regularly thought of suicide. I was miserable and no matter what I did for many, many years, nothing improved. I’ve heard similar stories from literally hundreds of others who dreaded getting up each morning. And now I and these hundreds of others look forward to each day, which we live with passion and love and excitement. (See my health note below for details on the mental/spiritual state I live in nowadays.)

Many others don’t experience life as negatively. Their lives seem to work; there are no real problems, but there is no joy in their lives. There is nothing specifically wrong, but there is nothing that provides them with excitement and passion. They are surviving, but not really thriving. People like this also have made 180-degree changes in their lives. They now experience a level of joy that they never knew they were missing, that they never realized was possible.

Profound change is possible

So I know that profound change is possible. And it doesn’t have to take years.

This is not a sales pitch. This is me asking you how I can serve you. How can I make a difference in your life? What specifically can I do that I am not now doing to help you create a life where you look forward to each day, where you feel good about yourself and love yourself, where you are passionate about what you do, where you no longer criticize yourself, where you are able to create unimagined possibilities for your lives, and where you no longer suffer? All this is possible. I promise.

My life is about empowering people to free themselves from stress and suffering and to create unimagined new possibilities for their lives. Please help me help you.


(Notice that I changed the title of this note and stopped using the phrase “my cancer”)

Great news!

One of the primary measures of the extent of colon cancer (I still use the word “cancer” with others as a shorthand so they know what I am talking about) is a blood marker called CEA. This measures antigens, the immune system cells that fight colon cancer. Normal is under 5. My first two measures were 79 and 77, which indicated that what Western doctors call “cancer” had spread beyond the original site in my colon.

After only two rounds of chemotherapy and a little over a month from the first CEA measurements, my intuitive voice told me that I had improved significantly and to stop chemo. To be able to show the doctors (and my wife Shelly who was concerned about my decision to stop chemo) that my intuition was correct, I had my CEA measured. It had dropped to 23.7.

After deciding to stop chemo, my intuition (which talks to me on a regular basis) told me that the next time I had blood work my CEA would be in the single digits. I spoke back to my intuition, saying: “All the way down to single digits? In just two weeks? Really?” And the voice responded: “I told you single digits! Don’t you believe me?”

My intuitive voice was right again

Well, only two weeks later, after only three rounds of chemo, my CEA had dropped to 7.9. My intuitive voice had been right. It almost always is.

My oncologist tells me that the reason for the 90% drop after only three rounds of chemo is that the chemo had been especially effective for me. I don’t agree. It might have contributed, but it is not the sole or even the primary source of my healing.

As I wrote last week, I think a number of factors contributed, mainly mental and spiritual:

  • Because I don’t give meaning to events, I never worried about a fourth stage metastatic colon cancer diagnosis.
  • There was absolutely no doubt in my mind that I would be healed completely.
  • I experienced no stress or anxiety.
  • I live most of the time in an altered state of consciousness where I experience that anything is possible, I have no limitations, and nothing is missing in my life (a state anyone can experience using the Who Am I Really? Process:  http://d3n3f57qjh51zc.cloudfront.net/who-am-i-really-new.mp3.)
  • I am passionate about what I do and yet I am not at all attached to it.
  • I experience unconditional love for most people and allow myself to fully experience the love others have for me. (When I do either I am moved to tears, which I am doing more frequently nowadays.)

The source of my healing

I think that these mental/spiritual factors are the major source of my healing, and I will never know for sure the role played by these factors—and what role the chemo, my diet, my supplements, high dose vitamin C, and cannabis played. And I don’t really care what caused my healing. All I know is I have objective evidence that I am healing as I always knew I would.

At this point my oncologists still urge me to continue chemo and one of them urges me to have surgery to remove any last possible vestiges of cancer cells from my colon and liver. My intuitive voice is telling me to not do the chemo or the surgery, so at this time I am rejecting them both.

My plans for the future

I am listening to my body in a way I never did before and am eating what feels right. I am taking the supplements that Michael Broffman, my Chinese medicine expert at the Pine Street Clinic is suggesting. I probably will continue with cannabis oil (that has the cannabinoids that can improve immune system and that doesn’t produce a change in consciousness). And of course I am living every day the mental and spiritual elements I described above. My intuitive voice is telling me that this is all I need to do to restore my body to health and then continue to stay healthy.

I will continue to keep you informed if there is any significant change in my condition or if I have any other realizations that I think are worth sharing.

I cannot thank you enough for your messages of love and support. And I know that many of you who have not written write have sent me love and support also. Expressing love and experiencing being loved can enhance the immune system. My immune system is improving my leaps and bounds.

Thanks for loving me. I love you too.


Thanks for reading my blog. Please tell me what I can do to help you live the life you are capable of living: a life of joy, excitement, passion, and love. I will read every comment. I might not have time to respond to every comment, but I will do whatever I possibly can to provide you with what you request.

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