According to numerous surveys, every day literally millions of people suffer …

  • from negative feelings (like anxiety, anger, and guilt).
  • from a fear of taking action (procrastination).
  • from the inability to have a truly nurturing relationship (you either can’t find a good one, can’t leave a bad one, or don’t know how to improve an merely okay one).
  • from an unsatisfying work life (either not doing what you really enjoy or doing what you want and not making enough money doing it).
  • from self-sabotaging behavior.
  • from worrying about what others think about us and doing things just to have others think well of us.
  • from negative self-talk (thinking we aren’t good enough, important, deserving and/or loveable).

Crossing out skeptic and writing believer.If you do not recognize yourself on this list, count yourself fortunate.  Most people in the world suffer from at least one of these conditions.

Life does not have to be this way

And yet, based on our work with over 13,000 people over the past 28 years (the first Lefkoe Method process was developed in early January 1985), none of these conditions are necessary.  We have helped literally thousands of people to totally eliminate each one of these insidious barriers to happiness and success.

Now here’s the really interesting part of the story.  Most people don’t seek psychotherapy or personal growth help.  Why?  If so many people are afflicted with these problems, why do so few seek help in dealing with them?

Why people don’t seek help

I don’t know the answer for sure, but here are several possibilities:

  • They believe that permanent change is impossible
  • They think the people who offer help are not trustworthy.  As someone replied in a recent survey we conducted: “Maybe you could stop pretending to tell people that they actually CAN change themselves with these methods, because you know full well that it is next to impossible to change a person’s personality, barring a major crisis.”
  • They feel that “change might be possible for others but not for me.”
  • They are convinced that living with one or more of these conditions is an unavoidable part of being human.
  • They’ve given up any hope of permanent improvement after so many disappointments.
  • They are embarrassed about having any of the conditions I listed above and seeking help would mean having to acknowledge having the condition.

It’s understandable why so many people have reached most of these conclusions.  They have tried very hard to improve their lives for many years without success.

I’ve experienced the pain many others experience today

I know this frustration first hand as I tried private psychotherapy, group therapy, meditation, and a lot of books and saw very little improvement from my depression, my neediness, my general unhappiness with my life, my loneliness, my inability to form and sustain a good romantic relationship (I had been married and divorced twice), and my lack of success in business.

But I never gave up even after decades of daily pain and despair.  I knew there was an answer out there, someplace, and eventually I would find it.  Ultimately I had to create my own solution for self improvement.

The solution consists of eliminating the source of all the negative conditions we confront daily: limiting beliefs, stimuli that result in negative emotions, negative senses and expectations, triggers for emotional eating, and negative meanings we give moment by moment to meaningless events.  The techniques that comprise TLM can eliminate all these “sources.”  I know because I used all of them myself to eliminate most of my “conditions.”  Since then literally thousands of people have testified to the effectiveness of these techniques. (Over 150,000 people in over 90 countries have used the free belief-elimination program at to eliminate at least one damaging belief.)

Where to find the answers

As I’ve explained in earlier posts, for those of us in developed countries, almost all of our “problems” are the result of our perceptions of reality, not “reality” itself—our perceptions being the result of our beliefs about ourselves and reality, and the meaning we give to moment-to-moment events.  Thus almost all of our problems are “self-imposed.”  And that’s the good news.  Because if we are the source of our problems, we have the ability to get rid of them.

As a new year begins I urge you to make a commitment to have this year be the last year you live with the seven conditions I listed at the start of this post, or any other condition that causes suffering.  No matter how painful your feelings, no matter how stuck you may feel, no matter how many books or courses haven’t worked, no matter how long you’ve tried unsuccessfully to change—happiness is your birthright.

We are here to help.  Obviously we charge for some of the help we offer, namely private sessions, the Natural Confidence program (which assists you to eliminate 23 of the most common beliefs and conditionings), the Lefkoe Method Training (where you learn how to eliminate beliefs), and the Lefkoe Freedom Course (where you learn how to dissolve meaning automatically.

One relatively inexpensive form of help is an eBook I’ve almost completed—consisting largely of my best blog posts from the previous four years—that describes the nine processes that constitute TLM and how you can use them to improve the quality of your life.  Each post has an exercise, which, if you use it, will enable you to rid yourself of many of the conditions I listed above.  It includes links to a site where you can eliminate several beliefs for free, videos of belief-elimination sessions, videos that show you how to dissolve the meaning you give to moment-to-moment events, etc.  The eBook should be available later this spring.

If you don’t wait to wait for the eBook or pay anything at all for our help, just click on the Table of Contents link above this post and read all the posts that seem relevant to your specific needs.

The happiness you seek is just around the corner.  Do not give up hope. 

Thanks for reading my blog.  Please share below your thoughts and questions on what you are committed to doing this year to finally achieve the happiness and well-being you’ve always dreamed of.  Your comments will add value for thousands of readers.  I read them all and respond to as many as I can.

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Use this information to improve your life

While you’re waiting for my eBook to become available, use the Table of Contents to find blog posts on the topics of interest to you.  Many of them contain links to videos that will help you use the processes of TLM.  You might not be able to totally eliminate all your problems on your own, but you can significantly improve your quality of life.  Try it and let me know what you are able to accomplish on your own.