Do you brag?

For most of my life I didn’t see bragging as a problem. I did it and most of the people I knew did it […]

You said that fear was your biggest problem

Whenever we do a survey of people on our mailing list, asking them to list the biggest problems they face, the most common answer […]

Why some get angry and others fear it.

The first time I really allowed myself to experience my anger I fainted.

I was about 36 and had successfully suppressed my anger since childhood.  […]

Why do most of us act compulsively?

Why are so many of us “driven” compulsively to seek or do things that frequently aren’t in our own best self-interest?

You probably aren’t surprised […]

Stop Worrying About What Others Think

One of the most devastating problems people have is so common that nearly everybody views it as “human nature.”  Few people even try to […]

I finally stopped bragging

It took me a long time to stop bragging.  About 50 years in fact.

As a child I always bragged about things that I thought […]

Eating/Weight Problems: The Source and Solution

Most of the behavioral or emotional problems we want to get rid of are relatively simple to deal with.  We procrastinate.  We worry all […]

Answers to questions about beliefs, Part 2

Here are my answers to a bunch of new questions I’ve been asked repeatedly about beliefs.

1.  Once you understand that you can’t see beliefs […]

How To Find The Source Of Beliefs

Since we first offered belief-elimination programs on the Internet last November many people have said to me: The source of the beliefs you give […]