Happy PeopleAfter reflecting on an exchange of emails I had this morning, I had a profound realization.

At the end of my first email I wrote: “P.S. Have an incredible week.”

The person I sent that email to answered me: “You are most welcome…….you be sure and have a good one too!”

There was no need to respond, but I found my fingers typing: “All my days are incredible.  I create them that way!  I wouldn’t have them any other way.”

We create all our feelings—good and bad

I’ve written many times that nothing could possibly happen that could make you experience negative emotions, along with the stress and emotional suffering those emotions cause. Our negative emotions, our stress, and our emotional suffering are caused by the meaning we give what happens to us.

What I realized this morning in way I hadn’t seen it before was that, because events can’t make us happy either, we create our own happiness by attributing positive meanings to events.

Your happiness is not a function of what happens to you. Your happiness is a function of the meaning you give what happens to you.

I’m getting to the point where anytime I am not happy (which is rare), I immediately stop and tell myself: “Stop blaming this person (or situation). What meaning am I giving what’s happening to me right now that’s making me unhappy?” When I find the meaning, I dissolve it and the unhappiness disappears.

How to create constant happiness

Actually I rarely give meaning to events any more so I rarely have negative emotions. The way I create my positive emotions—my happiness—on a daily basis is to experience my life as a game.

My goal is to win, which makes the playing worthwhile, but I am not attached to winning. My focus is on playing the game full out, which fills my life with passion, excitement, and happiness.

Because I am not attached to the outcome, I get excited for the moment when I win and feel disappointed for the moment (and only a moment) when I lose. But I am happy almost all the time I am playing the “life is a game” game vytorin medication. (See an earlier post for details about how to play this game.)

How I create daily passion, excitement, and happiness

For example my life is about empowering people to free themselves from their stress and suffering, and create unimagined new possibilities for their lives. That vision underlies everything I do. So on any given day I write a blog post designed to further my vision. I write it to make an impact on as many people as possible. If a lot of people read it and comment, I feel good about that because I achieved my purpose. If relatively few people read it and comment, I feel disappointed about that result.

But here’s the point. Winning the game for me comes from manifesting my vision, so that makes me feel good. No readers, no comments, no one sharing my post—I feel badly. But my greatest enjoyment comes from writing it as clearly and impactfully as I possibly could, not from how many people read it, comment on it, and share it with others.

By being unattached to the outcome, the happiness from winning and the sadness from not winning last only momentarily and then fade away. Those emotions have virtually no impact on me. Playing the game full out every day—writing blog posts, creating new courses, leading courses, etc.—is what makes me happy almost all the time, regardless of how any given project turns out.

And to those people who respond: But you need to be unhappy to appreciate happiness—I say: I’ve experienced enough unhappiness already to know what it feels like. I don’t need to experience any more unhappiness to be able to appreciate feeling happiness almost all the time.

Would you like to be happy almost all the time?

Use the videos and blog posts I’ve written to learn how to dissolve meaning. Then create life as a game. Human beings do not need to be unhappy.

As John Denver said in “Farewell Andromeda”:

Welcome to my morning
Welcome to my day
Yes, I’m the one responsible
I made it just this way

Create your own happiness … every day. You really can do it.


There’s nothing new to report regarding my health since my last update.

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Thanks for loving me. I love you too.

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