Since my post a couple of weeks ago describing how I wasn’t giving meaning to my colon cancer diagnosis, there have been several new developments.

I told you that I was scheduled for surgery to remove the cancer in my colon.  I wrote: “I also learned that if the cancer had not spread beyond the lining of the colon and if it was removed surgically, the problem would be totally solved.  If it had spread to other organs, then the prognosis could be serious.”  (See my earlier post for more details:

Infusion bottle with IV solutionWell, it appears that the radiologist, who initially read my CT scan and thought the spot on my liver was only a benign cyst, had made a mistake.  Another radiologist looked at my CT scan just before my surgery and told my oncologist, Jennifer Lucus, that he was pretty sure the mass on my liver was cancer.  Jen immediately cancelled the surgery and called me to let me know.  And when I was given the new diagnosis, I continued to have no reaction because I gave that diagnosis no more meaning than my earlier diagnoses. 

A liver biopsy was next

To get more information on the “probable” liver cancer, Jen ordered a biopsy of the mass on my liver.  They are still doing additional pathology tests, but they are now certain that it is cancer.

As a result of this new information, my oncologist has decided to give me chemotherapy, a cocktail of drugs call FOLFOX.  I will be starting this week.  Again, this new information resulted in no reaction. 

Just so you have all the relevant details, I also work with an incredible Chinese medicine practitioner, Michael Broffman, who specializes in alternative and complimentary approaches for cancer.  He has helped several friends of mine who had (and no longer have) cancer.

How I am holding all this

Because I have gotten to the point where I automatically dissolve the meaning that I used to unconsciously and automatically give events, I don’t have any reaction when I get additional facts about my condition.  As I’ve explained on many occasions before, virtually all of our feelings—and thus all of our stress and suffering—come from the meaning we give events.  No meaning=no negative emotions=no stress or suffering.

I want to emphasize that I don’t consciously do anything to keep myself from feeling fear.  Emotions come from meaning, which can easily be dissolved.  As a result of consciously practicing dissolving meaning so many times, it now happens without any conscious thought or effort.  To be strictly accurate, I guess I do give meaning to events once or twice a month, but on those rare occasions I am able to dissolve the meaning consciously very quickly and easily.  I’ve developed the ability to just not give meaning to anything that happens or anything I think almost all of the time.

Hearing I have cancer, or that it has spread from the colon to the liver, or that I need chemotherapy, or anything else, for me, is like hearing I have a broken leg.  I need to get an x-ray, a cast, crutches, etc. and get on with my life.  For me, cancer is a condition I need to deal with, but I have never experienced that it was dangerous (even though it obviously could be).  It’s just a health condition to be dealt with as best I can.

I intend to do whatever my oncologist suggests and supplement that with whatever Michael Broffman suggests.  I expect to fully recover and continue contributing to people for many years to come.

I promise to keep you informed as I progress in my healing.

Why suffer needlessly?

As was true for my earlier post on my condition, I am not writing this follow up post merely to inform you about my health.  I want every person reading this to get that my ability to deal with a potentially life-threatening illness without stress, without suffering, and without any fear whatsoever is something I learned how to do a few years ago.  And it is something you also can learn to do.

As I wrote earlier,  “Events cannot cause stress; only your meaning can.  In fact, although you can’t always control the events in your life, you can totally control your experience of life.”

I’ve written extensively on how to use the Lefkoe Freedom Process to dissolve occurrings.  See especially and  You can also view my TEDx talk, “How to Stop Suffering,” where I walk the viewer through the process for dissolving meaning:

Next week I’ll start sending out a few videos about how to dissolve meaning. To get them click the link below:

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I want to thank you for the hundreds of communications of love and support you’ve sent to me.  I really appreciate them.


Thanks for reading my blog.  Please post your questions or comments on how a cancer diagnosis does not have to result in anxiety and how we can create our experience of life.  Disagreement is as welcome as agreement. Your comments add value for thousands of readers.  I love to read them all and I will respond to as many as I can.

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