I’ve said on many occasions that all of us at the Lefkoe Institute are committed to helping you improve the quality of your life.

But I don’t think I’ve ever defined what I mean by “improving the quality of your life.”

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It is possible to have a life where you are surviving very well, in other words, you have plenty of money to meet your needs and plenty of friends. In such a situation I would say you are surviving very well, but that doesn’t mean you are necessarily thriving.

You might not be depressed or be run by anxiety, and still not experience the bliss that is possible in life.

Your job might be okay, in other words, you do good work that is valued by your employer and you get paid a reasonable salary. And yet you might not be fulfilled or challenged by your work.

In these situations you might be hard-pressed to name what’s missing from your life, but the quality of your life would be far from what it could be. And what’s even worse, you might not even realize how poor the quality of your life is.

You might not even realize what’s missing

As I pointed out in an earlier post, you won’t look for something you don’t know exists. If you don’t know that life can be exciting and challenging, without negative feelings and stress, without concern with the opinions of others, and where you feel confident to take on whatever challenges you choose to take on—you won’t miss it or look for it. Your quality of life might be low but you won’t even know it.

I have seen the quality of people’s lives increase substantially after they unlearned a bunch of beliefs, de-conditioned the relevant conditionings, and dissolved most of their occurrings (the meaning we give to moment-to-moment events), so it is clear to me that the quality of most people’s lives can be significantly improved. That’s what we at the Lefkoe Institute are focused on.

Much more is probably possible

It is possible to survive without thriving.  We are committed to your thriving.

It is possible to make a relationship work and not experience all the joy and partnership that is possible in a relationship.  We are committed to you finding and sustaining relationships that nourish you and that make you feel good about yourself.

It is possible to not have serious issues (such as anxiety and depression) and still never experience the bliss that is possible in life.  We are committed to you experiencing happiness and full self-expression most of the time.

It is possible to like your job and still not be challenged by it or have it truly fulfill you. We are committed to you having work that resonates with your soul, that gives you an opportunity to contribute to others, where you are supported in making that contribution, and where you are rewarded appropriately for your contribution.

Don’t settle for anything less than what is possible

Our commitment is not for you to have an acceptable life, but a spectacular life—because it is possible to live a spectacular life. Our commitment is to offer you courses and programs that help you continually improve the quality of your life.

Take a look at your own life, right now. Are you merely surviving? Or are you truly thriving? Did your life turn out the way you dreamed it would (on your most optimistic days)? Or are you constantly focusing on what’s missing and how you would like your life to be different?

If your life is anything less than the way you would describe your “perfect” life, get rid of the barriers to having your life be exactly the way you want it to be. Be committed to constantly improving the quality of your life. Don’t accept anything else than bliss.

If you are committed to improving the quality of your life and you take the appropriate action, you might be surprised at how incredible life can be. As Jimmy Durante, a famous entertainer of an earlier generation, used to say: “You ain’t seen nuthin’ yet!”


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