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In last week’s post I suggested that the single most important thing that distinguished Steve Jobs from most people is that he “created his own reality.”

bigstock-Woman-changing-reality-091013Some people took that to mean that I subscribed to the Law of Attraction (LOA) and was saying that Jobs achieved what he did primarily by focusing intently on what he wanted with a lot of desire (and, also, according to some versions of the LOA, taking the appropriate action).

That’s not at all what I meant to say.  And because all of us can (and, in fact, already do) create our own reality—without using any version of the LOA—I want to explain in more detail what I mean by “creating your own reality” and how that differs significantly from the LOA.

Here is the essence of what I said about Jobs last week

Most people hold many versions of an “It can’t be done” belief.  Jobs did not.  Jobs did not deal more effectively with the same world most people deal with.  He interacted with a different world—a world in which almost anything is possible, while most people interact with a world in which so many things “can’t be done.” …

Don’t learn how to deal better with the “reality” you have constructed.  Change your reality and virtually anything becomes possible. That was Steve Job’s “secret.”

Someone thought I was advocating the LOA

Suzanna was one of several people who thought I was saying that Jobs and others like him used the LOA to achieve the miraculous things he did.

She wrote:

Hi Morty,

I read the same type of story about an automobile manufacturer. His employees told him that something could not be done, he insisted, and it got done. I guess, what he, Steve, and other top leaders are good at is using the law of attraction. They know that you can create your own reality. If you have a desire that you keep focusing on and you don’t create resistance to the desire with limiting beliefs, your desire will eventually manifest into physical form.

And Lachlan commented: “From the little I know of Quantum Physics, what Steve understood about reality is now a scientific fact; we create our own view of reality and then form it by acting on the thought forms we create in our imagination.”

How we create our own reality

All of us, all the time, “create our own reality” via the beliefs we form. Let me explain. A belief is a statement about reality that we feel is true.  I say “feel” rather than “think” because we may logically know that something we believe is not true and still feel it is true.  And as long as we feel it is true, it really is true for us.

So if we believe I’m not good enough, or Life is difficult, or Relationships don’t work, then we live in a reality is which these statements are “The Truth” for us.  As a result we deal with reality as if these statements are true.

If, in the reality you have created for yourself, you really are not good enough, then everything you do, don’t do, or even think about doing, are significantly affected by the “fact” that you are not good enough.  The same is true for any other belief you might hold.

Our reality is comprised largely by our beliefs

So what projects you take on—if any—and how creative you are in pursuing them, is largely determined by your beliefs about yourself and life.  In addition, each of us forms specific beliefs about what can and what can’t be done.  Anything we say can’t be done really can’t be done (it’s a “fact”) in our reality, which would prevent us from even trying to do it.

There were very few things that Jobs believed couldn’t be done.  In his reality, almost anything was possible.  And he acted consistently with that reality.  Very few other people live in a reality like that.

If Change is difficult if not impossible, how hard will you try to change something, even if change is necessary to get what you really want? On the other hand, if in your reality Change is easy when you know how, then potential barriers to you getting what you want are only temporary roadblocks until you tear them down.  If change were necessary, you would change anything that got in your way.

If you believe that something is impossible if an “expert” tells you it is impossible, it would make sense to accept the expert’s advice and not waste your time trying to do something that is impossible.  If you believe Almost anything is possible; just because an “expert” says something is impossible doesn’t mean it really is impossible—then you will ignore pronouncements from experts.

Although there is a physical reality that must be dealt with, much of what each of us considers to be reality—and virtually all that stops us in life—is a function of our beliefs, not what’s really out there.  And because we create our beliefs and can eliminate them at any time, it is an accurate statement to say we, for the most part, create our own reality.  Or to put it another way, we create the reality we interact with daily.

This is what I meant when I say that Jobs  “lived” in a different world than most of us—a world of his own making.  And because each of us “makes” his own reality, it is possible for us to change our reality if it gets in the way of us getting what we want.  (See my earlier post on how eliminating beliefs literally creates new possibilities in your life: https://www.mortylefkoe.com/how-to-create-new-possibilities-in-your-life/)

Why this is not the LOA

Is it clear now why my statement that we create our reality has nothing to do with a LOA that states that a concentrated focus on what we really desire, added to taking action when the opportunity arises, will always give us what we want?  That is a good strategy for trying to get what you want, especially the taking action step, but I don’t think that approach will “create your reality”—in other words, what you want will not “just manifest” no matter how intensely you focus or how much action you take—if you do it in a reality that doesn’t permit what you are seeking.

Moreover, it won’t even occur to you to take action in a reality where what you want is impossible.

To paraphrase what I said at the end of last week’s post: Don’t waste your time trying to deal better with the “reality” you already have constructed.  Change your reality by eliminating your limiting beliefs and virtually anything becomes possible. 


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