Are you one of the people who figured out how to use the Lefkoe Belief Process (LBP) after eliminating a few beliefs on htp:// where we offer three beliefs for free?  Many people are able to eliminate beliefs by themselves after going through the LBP a few times, whereas others are unable to do it themselves if they’ve never received training even after eliminating 20-30 beliefs.

Once you’ve figured out what belief you want to eliminate, going through the steps of the LBP can be relatively easy for some people.  The steps are the same in most cases, although the source and alternative interpretations are different for survival strategy beliefs.  So if you are able to find the source of your beliefs and come up with valid alternative interpretations (which can be different for different beliefs), you might be able to get rid of many beliefs on your own.

The biggest problem in using the LBP is figuring out which beliefs are the source of different problems. (And, of course, many problems also are caused by conditioning, which can require you to use several other processes that are part of The Lefkoe Method

[TLM] in order to eliminate those problems totally.)

This ability to quickly learn how to get rid of the beliefs that cause many of your day-to-day problems is a significant distinction between the LBP and almost every form of psychotherapy.


You Can’t Conduct Psychotherapy On Yourself

It is virtually impossible to conduct a psychotherapy session on yourself, regardless of which type of psychotherapy you choose to use.  And instead of a weekend training to learn how to use the LBP with others, you need several years of school and many hours of practice and observation before you can be effective as a psychotherapist.

It is because the steps of the LBP are relatively simple once you know the belief you want to eliminate that we have been able to put that Process on DVDs and streaming video.  And because certain problems usually have the same beliefs and conditionings, we have been able to create DVDs and streaming video programs to get rid of entire problems in addition to eliminating an assortment of random beliefs.

Using TLM successfully probably requires less communication skills than most forms of psychotherapy. A Lefkoe Method facilitator must be able to administer TLM effectively and that usually does take some training, skill, and practice, but if the processes are presented correctly, they will work regardless of the rapport the facilitator has established with the client.  That is one reason why the various processes in TLM can be effective in a DVD or interactive web program.

On the other hand, most forms of psychotherapy require a high degree of trust, relationship, rapport, etc. between the therapist and the client, and often the better the rapport, the more effective the session. In TLM the process is more important than the facilitator, whereas in most other therapies the opposite is true.

This is not to say that no rapport or trust is required for Lefkoe Method faciliators, because if they are totally absent, people may not feel comfortable working with the facilitator.  Also, a LM facilitator with a high degree of training and insight is likely to figure out the source of a given problem that another facilitator might not even recognize. Finally, a client is more likely to be totally open with a facilitator she trusts, which can make a difference in the outcome of a session.

Everyone Helps Everyone Else

My vision is for millions of people to learn how to use the LBP and the other processes that comprise The Lefkoe Method early in life so they can use them on themselves and to help others.  My vision was illustrated a few years ago when my wife Shelly was on a Stairmaster at the gym.  A friend of hers who she hadn’t seen in a while climbed on an adjoining Stairmaster.  When Shelly’s friend started talking about some relationship difficulties she had been having, instead of commiserating or giving advice, Shelly helped her friend find a few beliefs that might be causing the difficulties and then helped her eliminate those beliefs … while exercising. That is my vision for the world: to have everyone able to help everyone eliminate the beliefs and conditionings that are the source of most of the problems we face in life.

In recent months we have had many inquiries about future courses that train people to use the Lefkoe Belief Process and other Lefkoe Method Processes, either on oneself or to help others.  In the past all our trainings were held in the San Francisco Bay Area.  We’ve taught people how to eliminate beliefs in one three-day weekend.  Another three-day weekend was required to learn how to find the right beliefs that were responsible for any problem.  And a third three-day weekend taught people how to use the various conditioning processes.  Interspersed between the three training sessions were eight hours of coaching students by listening to recordings of their sessions and giving them feedback.

We are investigating the possibility of creating an on-line training to substitute for the first weekend where students learn how to use the LBP effectively after a belief has been identified.

If we don’t find a way to offer it on-line and we have to offer a live training in the San Francisco Bay Area, please let us know if you would be interested in attending.  Alternatively, if  we do offer an on-line training would you be interested in participating?

Depending on the level of interest in each type of training we will make a decision shortly about further training sessions.


Please tell us about your interest in being trained and how you think you will use your training (on yourself or to help others).  Let us know if you are willing to travel here for training or if you are only interested in on-line training.

If you haven’t yet eliminated at least one of your limiting self-esteem beliefs using the Lefkoe Belief Process, go to htp:// where you can eliminate one negative belief free.

For information about eliminating 23 of the most common limiting beliefs and conditionings, which cause eight of the most common problems in our lives, please checkout:

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