Many of you have taken several excellent courses and have read many brilliant books, and you now know exactly what you need to do to have your life be the way you want it to be.  The problem is you have beliefs and conditionings in the way of effectively using what you’ve learned.  Once you add transformation to the information, the barriers to success and happiness will be gone.  Let me explain.

bigstock-Tree-Nymph-2738490(1)Most good workshops and courses provide interesting realizations: You might discover ways in which you sabotage yourself that you had not previously been aware of.  Or you realize for the first time that your behavior is inappropriate in certain situations.  Or you discover something in your past that seems to still be affecting you today. Or you learn a series of steps that, if followed, should improve your chances of business success.  Or ….

These are useful pieces of information that have the potential to improve the quality of your life.  But they are rarely sufficient to make a permanently change in your behavior or emotional life.  I would call them “useful,” but not “transformational.”

The difference between useful and transformational

By useful I mean something that helps you make better decisions.  By transformational I mean something that results in a fundamental shift in how you process some aspect of reality.

An example of useful is a list of things you can do that would improve your relationships, for example, don’t expect the other person to make you happy, recognize that your reaction to your partner is a result of the meaning you give what she does and not the result of what she actually does, and express appreciation to your partner for anything she does for you or for the relationship.

If you did these things, you definitely would have a happier and more satisfying relationship.

By transformational I mean a radical shift in your experience of yourself or life that results in you being able to act and feel differently, and process information more effectively. 

Transformational experiences can include eliminating limiting beliefs, de-conditioning stimuli that cause negative feelings, de-conditioning stimuli that cause undesirable behavior, being able to dissolve the meaning you give meaningless events, and meditation.

There are a great many useful books and courses out there.  There are very few transformational ones.

This blog and most other written information are merely useful; you learn what to do to get what you want.  But they are unlikely to help you actually get what you want unless you have already experienced transformation.

Useful is not really useful without transformation

My wife Shelly, who is a Certified Lefkoe Method Facilitator, tells the story of a client who called her when the client returned from a T. Harv Eker workshop.  “I’m so excited.  As a result of the workshop I bought the summer house of my dreams,” she exclaimed to Shelly.  Shelly was obviously happy for her, but was aware of the work the client had done before she attended the workshop.  So Shelly asked, “What did your friends buy?”  “Nothing,” the client admitted.

Shelly opened the client’s file and read several of the beliefs the client had eliminated before she attended the workshop: Money is scarce and hard to get, You have to save your money for a rainy day, I’m not deserving, and Mistake and failure are bad.   Would the client have used the obviously useful information in Eker’s workshop if she still had had these and other similar beliefs?  Unlikely.

The problem is that often you need transformation in order to take advantage of the useful information.  As another example, assume that you learn that success in almost any field of endeavor requires you to take risks, do what you think right regardless of the opinions of others, and act in the face of fear. If you believe Mistakes and failure are bad, If I make a mistake or fail I’ll be rejected, I’m not good enough, and What makes me good enough and important is having people think well of me, it would be almost impossible to implement what you learned.

Transformation would consist of eliminating these four and other relevant beliefs so that you were able to make use of the useful information.  It would result in a fundamental shift in some aspect of how you experience life so that useful information could actually be used.

Another excellent example of how useful information can require transformation to be effective is the people who understand something well enough to teach it, yet who do not walk their talk.   There are many people who teach how to have great relationships who do not practice what they preach and whose relationships fail.  Not all failed relationships are someone’s fault; some people just don’t go well together.  But merely knowing what to do does not insure you will do it if you have beliefs and conditioning in the way.

The Lefkoe Method (TLM) is obviously not the only transformational program out there, but unfortunately many of the programs that claim to be are not.  They teach you about transformation, in other words, you get information about transformation, but they don’t result in you actually transforming.  Knowing that your life is determined largely by beliefs and conditioning and even knowing how to eliminate them is useful information.  Actually eliminating beliefs and conditioning is transformational.

On the other hand, transforming your experience of yourself and life will not necessarily enable you to have a better relationship or make more money.  You will have removed some barriers to doing that, but in most cases you still need useful information.  So I am not saying that useful information is not valuable and that only transformation is.  You need both in most cases.

The missing link

Stop beating yourself up for not using the useful information you spent so much time and money to obtain.  You only have half of what is required.  Now it’s time to get the other half and cash in on all the effort you’ve put forth so far, whether you use TLM or some other transformational program.

Be a good consumer.  First, know the difference between useful and transformational.  Second, make sure you know which one you need.  And finally, make sure you find the program that gives you what you are looking for.

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