Knowing what to do rarely changes your life.  Taking action often does.  Transforming the way you experience your life—eliminating beliefs, getting rid of conditionings, and dissolving your occurrings—almost always results in profound positive change.

I’ve been writing posts for this blog for over three years and recently decided to turn the best of the posts into a book.  As I tried to figure out how to make the book as valuable as possible, I thought about the three-part statement I started today’s post with.  So I asked myself: How could I help you translate the information in the posts into action that would make a noticeable improvement in your life?  Even better, how could I help you use the posts to transform how you experience your life?

Here’s what I decided to do.  At the end of each post in the book I am adding a short assignment, suggesting a way to use the information in the post to improve your life.  As I started writing these assignments for the old posts in the book I had this further thought: Why don’t I start doing that with my weekly posts from now on?  Why don’t I suggest a way to use the information in my weekly posts that will improve the quality of your life?

I liked that idea so much that I intend to implement it from now on.

To get you a sense of how valuable these weekly exercises will be for you, try it now.  Here is a link to one of my favorite posts from a couple of months ago that describes how to get rid of the negative feelings that plague us by dissolving the meaning that gives rise to them.

Read the post and then complete this assignment

As I acknowledged in the post, merely understanding the information I present won’t change anything.  So to start dramatically improving the quality of your life, for the next seven days notice each time you experience any anxiety or fear at all.  Then ask yourself what meaning you just gave what happened that could have produced those emotions.

For example, imagine you notice anxiety and realize you were just thinking about starting a new project.  Ask yourself: What meaning did I give starting the new project that could have made me anxious?  In most cases it will be something like: I can’t do it.  I’ll probably fail.  People will laugh at my failure.  Can you see that if the event occurs to you this way you would feel anxious?

Then make a clear distinction between the event and the meaning, in other words, make real to yourself that the meaning is not inherent in the event—that the event is in the world and you can see it—while the meaning is in your mind and you can’t see itFor example, you can see that you have a new project that should be started.  That is a fact.  But that you can’t do it and that you’ll fail and that others will laugh is not in the world—it is not a fact—it exists only in your mind!

There are only three simple steps:

1. Notice the negative feeling you are having.

2. Identify the meaning that is producing the feeling.

3. Make a clear distinction between the meaning and what actually happened.

When you make a clear distinction between the event and how the event occurred to you, your occurring will dissolve along with the emotion it had caused.

If you do this exercise for seven days you will notice that both your sense of victimization and your negative feelings will be significantly reduced.  And you will experience being a lot happier.

What do you think about adding exercises like this each week?  Will you do them? If not, why not?

Please comment both on this post and on your results from the exercise.

Your comments and questions increase the value we all receive.  I read them all and respond to as many as I can.

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