During the past five years I’ve written about 300 blog posts about The Lefkoe Method and its many applications and implications.   When I sat down to write this week’s post my mind just went blank. I help please helping hand to raise and collect money and give tocouldn’t think of a single thing to write about. I’m sure there are many, many topics that would fit the theme of this blog, but I just couldn’t think of any.

What I’ve tried to cover in my weekly posts are issues like: Various aspects of human behavior and human emotions, why we do what we do, why change is usually difficult and how to make change easy. I’ve discussed what it means to be a “human being.” I’ve looked at the many behaviors and feelings that are considered to be human nature but really aren’t.  And I’ve discussed the mind-body connection and how I dealt with being told I had cancer.

You can get information on everything I’ve written about to date

You can see a table of contents for the titles of all my posts on this site. You can also search for specific terms and find all the posts on any given topic. That will give you a sense of what I‘ve already covered; you might find some interesting posts you missed or that I posted before you started following me.

What I’d like your help on is identifying issues involving human behavior and emotions that you would like to know more about.

I’ve asked you in the past to suggest problems you want me to discuss and you listed many of them, such as: Why do I allow fear to stop me and how can I get rid of it? As a result of your requests, I’ve written about a lot of specific problems, their causes, and how to deal with them.

Do you have any suggestions?

Now I’m interested in broader topics than solving specific problems, although if there is a specific one I have not yet commented on, I’ll be happy to do so. Is there anything about being a human being that you would like me to write about?

Please share your suggestions in the comment box below and I will do my best to write my next few posts using your suggestions.


I am really interested in writing a blog for one of the major business publications, such as Fast Company, Fortune, or the Harvard Business Review.

If you know an editor at these or any other major business publication that uses outside bloggers, would you be willing to introduce me to your contact?

I have been a writer for many years, including freelancing for Fortune and Barron’s and being a staff writer for the Wall Street Journal. In recent years I’ve blogged for Amex Open Forum and Huffington Post, in addition to writing almost 300 posts for this blog.


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