Three years ago I had the idea for a new service to offer businesses that would radically change the thinking and behavior of its upper level managers and executives.

Over the years, using the many revolutionary processes of The Lefkoe Method, we have helped problem employees get rid of dysfunctional behaviors.

We have helped other employees who had great potential take on new behaviors that would make them even more valuable to the company.

Global Business TeamAnd we have helped management personnel become more innovative, more willing to take risks, more willing to allow contributions from all employees, less concerned with what others think or what always has been done, better able to work effectively with teams, etc.

This work has improved the profitability of the companies where we worked with their leaders. Interestingly enough, their enhanced ability to change their thinking and behavior to make more money can also be applied to solve some of the societal problems the world faces.

We’ve barely scratched the surface

But the number of business leaders we have helped has just barely scratched the surface. And although we have a website to promote our business services, we’ve done very little to reach the millions of business leaders who we could help to improve conditions in their own firms and in the world.

Recently my staff and I have been working on creating a new business model for that business so we can promote it and make a significant difference in corporate America.  We’ve realized that there’s a lot we need to know about our potential customers for this service.

We want to improve life conditions for everyone

We have an opportunity to impact millions of employees—and through them the organizations that directly impact the seven billion people on our planet—by making The Lefkoe Method available to the senior managers and executives of all business firms.

Can you even begin to imagine the changes that would be possible if business leaders were able to

  • eliminate the beliefs that keep them stuck in old ways of thinking and acting,
  • decondition the conditionings that result in anxiety, anger, and a fear of failing and making mistakes, and
  • dissolve the meaning they give to meaningless events—which is the source of all stress and so many poor decisions?

So that’s where you come in.

We need your help

We’ve created a survey that asks a few questions that will help us get insights into this market.  We’d like you to fill out the survey as long as you meet any one of the criteria below:

  • You are employed by an organization with 100 or more employees now or had been up to 2 years ago
  • You are the owner of a business with 50 or more employees
  • You or someone you know has received executive (business as distinct from life) coaching
  • You or someone you know selects executives coaches for others

Here’s a link to the survey:

I know we all lead busy lives, so I really appreciate any time you can take to help. By taking just a few minutes to fill out the survey, you will be helping us to help the business leaders of the world.


I wrote last week that my latest CEA blood report was 3.4; normal is under 5 and I had been as high as 77 only two months ago.

I’m having a CT scan later this week to confirm the blood test results. I’ll let you know the results as soon as I get them

Even though my CEA reading is “normal,” my oncologist reminds me that it is still possible for there to be live cancer cells that are too small to be seen (or measured) and she recommends surgery to cut out a piece of my colon and liver, where the cancer tumors used to be, just to make sure. I told her that I’m not interested n surgery.

I am still taking a bunch of supplements as directed by Michael Broffman, my Chinese medicine expert from the Pine Street Clinic, and eating a healthy diet (no dairy, no refined sugar, no simple carbs and a minimum of complex carbs, minimum fat, and a lot of greens, both raw and cooked). I’ve also started exercising regularly, which I hadn’t done before.

But I still think that the speed and extent of my recovery is primarily due to mental factors, as I’ve spelled out in prior posts.

If I have any additional insights about what I did or how I did it, you can be sure I will share them with you.

I cannot thank you enough for the hundreds of messages of love and support. And I know that many of you who haven’t written have been sending me love and support also.

Thanks for loving me. I love you too.

Thanks for reading my blog. Please post your questions or comments on how we

can help leaders become more effective at what they do.   Disagreement is as welcome as agreement. Your comments add value for thousands of readers. I love to read them all and I will respond to as many as I can.

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