On December 15, 2009, a little over four years ago, I posted the following on my blog:

I generally know when I’m about to have a breakthrough, when there is a new process or way of understanding something that is on the verge of taking shape. I have glimpses of ideas and I have a sense of connections that I can’t quite put my finger on. But I know if I stay with it, something new and useful ultimately will take shape.

The sun on dramatic sky over sea. Natural background. Forces ofThat’s where I am now. I think I’m about to come up with something very useful, and I’m not sure what it is yet. So I thought I would share with you some ideas I currently have swirling around in my mind and keep updating you as the ideas develop.

The Lefkoe Freedom Process and Lefkoe Freedom Course, which teach people to distinguish meaning from reality and then quickly dissolve the meaning, were the result of that breakthrough. They make it possible to virtually eliminate mental suffering.

I now have a very strong sense I am about to have another breakthrough, one that will make as profound a difference in people’s lives as the one that happened almost four and a half years ago.

What’s this breakthrough all about?

A whole bunch of things seem to be coming together for me in a way that I had never seen before. And the impetus for it seems to be realizations arising from the uncontrolled proliferation of a certain type of cells in my body that my Western doctors are calling fourth stage metastatic colon cancer.

Here’s the first piece of the puzzle: I am absolutely clear that events have no inherent meaning and rarely give meaning to events that lead to negative feelings, and yet I just realized that I was assuming that I needed something outside of myself to improve my immune system and restore me to perfect health. I wasn’t only relying on conventional allopathic medicine (I was using and investigating a host of alternative protocols), but I was still ignoring my ability to heal myself. In other words, the meaning I was giving my diagnosis is that I needed help to deal with it; it was not something I could do anything about on my own.

An important warning

(WARNING: What I describe in this post is what is real for me, how I see things, what I plan to do. This is NOT a recommendation that other people do what I am doing or refrain from getting and following medical advice, be it Eastern or Western, allopathic or alternative. Please do not consider this post to be medical advice.)

I was giving meaning and not realizing it

I found myself saying to myself when I was having reactions to my chemo treatment: “I guess this upset stomach is the result of the chemo and I’d better get used to it.”   “The doctor told me to expect tingling and numbness in my fingers and here it is.” “I’d better keep taking the cannabis to make sure I don’t get nausea.”

These and many other similar statements I made to myself were all meaning; I just didn’t realize it. Any statement about the future is always meaning; it is never reality. And yet I kept assuming my statements about and expectations of the future were facts, the truth, reality.

So although I never gave the diagnosis any meaning, once I decided to get treatment from a physician, I gave meaning to the specifics of the treatment.

Now it is important to emphasize that I never for one second had the slightest doubt that my condition would be totally cured—that I was never in the slightest danger—despite some pretty grim statistics about the outcome for my condition. And as a result of giving the doctor’s diagnosis no meaning I never experienced a moment’s stress from the diagnosis.

Have I been in denial?

Some people might contend that I have been in denial; that what I claim is impossible; that I would have to experience some level of stress. I agree that for people who have never experienced not giving events meaning and experiencing very few negative emotions, and for people who have never experienced the altered state of consciousness one attains after doing the Who Am I Really? Process (where one experiences anything is possible and there are no limitations), what I claim would sound like denial. But it isn’t. And there is no way I can prove it.

My view of chemotherapy

More background: I had always considered chemotherapy to be toxic to the body. But it is probably the best allopathic medical treatment that exists today and using it has saved many people’s lives. When my oncologist first urged me to have surgery (before she discovered that the “cancer” in my colon had metastasized to my liver), I immediately said yes. And then when she subsequently said that my condition required a specific chemo protocol, I immediately said yes.

At the same time I was investigating and using a new diet, supplements, and other alternative protocols to supplement the chemo my oncologist had recommended.

My first and second intuitive senses

But after only one round of chemo I had a strong intuitive sense that my treatment was not right for me. After consulting Michael Broffman, my Chinese medicine expert at the Pine Street Clinic near my home in Marin, I decided to try a variation of the standard allopathic chemo treatment that he recommended, which included a different chemo delivery system and a carefully thought out array of alternative approaches.

But after only two treatments at the Block Center in Chicago (my third treatment in all), I had another strong intuitive sense that I should stop all chemo. That “intuitive sense” was buttressed by a blood test I had taken a few days earlier that measured the extent of antigens that were responding to colon cancer. It had dropped after only two chemo sessions from 77 to 23, under 5 being normal.

I had been absolutely certain that I would be completely healed and that it wouldn’t take long, and now I was absolutely certain that I didn’t need chemo. But now, instead of relying on allopathic chemo buttressed by alternative protocols, I would rely totally on the alternatives. I was still relying on something outside me to cure me.

So I told the doctors at the Block Center last week after my treatment that I would not be coming back. They gave me reasons why I was making a bad decision, but I trusted my intuition and have cancelled all my chemo appointments.

I also told them I am open to returning to have additional chemo treatments if what I am doing does not work and my CEA starts trending upward. But I do not expect that to happen.

Unconditional love is relevant to this breakthrough

The next piece of the puzzle was the experience I’ve been having with increasing frequency: loving people unconditionally. I sometimes feel almost overwhelmed with love toward people and I’m looking for someone I can express it to. Of course, I enjoy being with some people more than others and I feel closer to some people than others, depending on how their values correspond to mine, how they respond to me, our history together, etc. But the love I feel today toward almost everyone has nothing to do with the qualities of specific people. When I fully experience my love for people I well up with tears. (See my recent post for details on my experience of unconditional love, https://www.mortylefkoe.com/allow-yourself-to-love/.)

A book that is helping to tie all the pieces together

The final piece of the puzzle that has led me to expect a significant breakthrough in the near future was reading You Are The Placebo: Making Your Mind Matter, by Dr. Joe Dispenza, which was sent to me by one of our fans. I am only in the middle of the book but it is already the most important book I’ve read in years. I think that the information in this book will help me fit all the pieces of the puzzle together.

Here’s where I am at the moment

I now have the strong “intuitive sense” (I don’t “think” it; I don’t “know” it; I can’t prove it) that most of the time when “alternative” treatments work, it is because of the placebo effect. In other words, when something outside of us seems to be having a significant impact on our body, most of the impact is because we “believe” it will work. This is why “faith healers” can be effective in “curing” people; it is why there are thousands of people who will tell you they “cured” themselves from every possible disease using “whatever.” The “whatever” might have had some impact; the “cure,” however, is the result of believing it would work.

I now have the sense that the placebo effect was primarily responsible for reducing my CEA from 77 to 23 after only two chemo treatments. How? My absolute conviction that my body will heal itself and that the prognosis usually given to people diagnosed with fourth stage metastasized colon cancer is not applicable to me. The fact that I experience virtually no stress. My lack of reaction to my diagnosis. The unconditional love I experience for people. The incredible outpouring of loving energy I am getting from hundreds of people. And more.

I now think there is something very important that will come from integrating

  • the ability to stop giving meaning,
  • the almost total absence of stress (which has been implicated in almost every minor and major health problem),
  • experiencing unconditional love for people,
  • the fact that our language and the words we use to objectively describe reality already contain meaning that produces significant changes in the body,
  • being able to access the WAIR? altered state of consciousness at will, and
  • the placebo effect (the body healing itself as the sole result of absolutely believing that some activity or event outside the body will be effective).

I have a sense that using all these elements and perhaps additional ones will lead to an explicit protocol or process that will enable us to make radical changes in the body—including curing a host of illnesses. (By the way, I just realized that all of the factors that seem to contribute to being able to create the placebo effect at will are taught in the Advanced Lefkoe Freedom Course, where I not only taught them to my classes, but where I practiced them myself and made them a part of my life.)

I know I’m going way out on a limb here, but this is where I am at the moment. I could have waited until I worked this out in more detail and could actually explain what this “breakthrough” will look like. But I wanted to share my journey with you. Hopefully you will join me on the journey and enjoy the ride.


I cannot thank you enough for your messages of love and support. And I know that many of you who do not write are sending me love and support also. Expressing love and experiencing being loved can enhance the immune system. My immune system is improving my leaps and bounds.

Thanks for loving me. I love you too.


Thanks for reading my blog. Please post your questions or comments on the breakthrough I am in the middle of having. Disagreement is as welcome as agreement. Your comments add value for thousands of readers. I love to read them all and I will respond to as many as I can.

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