I recently changed one simple thing in my life that is significantly increasing my daily happiness.

Focus on the journey, not the destination

Have you ever heard the advice: “Focus on the journey, not the destination”?  Well I had heard it hundreds of times and thought I understood and applied it in my life.  But I recently realized that I was ignoring it in a subtle way that was undercutting the enjoyment I could have been getting from my daily life.

bigstock-Successful-business-woman-with-052813When something exciting and important was going to happen in a few weeks or months—such as visiting one of my children, a birthday or anniversary, or the launch of a new product or service—I would keep counting the days until the long-awaited day arrived.  I experienced each day as: “Only 30 more days until ….  Only 29 more days until ….  Only 28 more days until ….”  And then when the day finally arrived I would be very excited and enjoy the day fully.

At some point I realized that I had passed over—in other words, I wasn’t fully experiencing and enjoying—the days leading up to the target day.

Live each day fully

I was only really “living” about one day a month.  Once I realized I was doing this I started each morning thinking about what I was doing to do that day.  I thought about what I was going to do that I was excited about doing, what I would enjoy doing, and what I would be happy I had done at the end of the day.

For example, today I intend to finalize the copy for the TEDX talk I will be delivering next month in New Jersey, I am going to complete my blog post for this week, I’m going to write a blog post for Huffington Post, and I’m going to complete the final lessons for our new course, Lefkoe Method Training-2.

During the day I will enjoy working on each of these projects and at the end of the day I probably will be very excited about what I accomplished.  If, instead, I had been focusing on delivering the TEDX talk on June 28 or my trip to Hawaii to see my daughter Blake give birth to my first grandchild on July 28 and had today be only one day closer to each important event, I would have missed the pleasure I could have gotten from what I do today.

I still fully enjoy the “big” events

Focusing on each day doesn’t lessen the pleasure I get from the “big” events when they finally happen.  I just increase my overall pleasure in life because I enjoy every day leading up to those “big” days.

Have you been so focused on the destination that you have been ignoring the pleasure you could be getting from the journey?  If so, try focusing on what gives you pleasure each and every day for a few weeks and notice how that simple act transforms the quality of your life.

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