Every week I sit down at my computer and ask myself: What should I write about that would be useful for you, my readers?

I usually choose a topic based on

  • what I think you would like to learn,
  • what I think would be useful for you to learn,
  • my own experiences that I think you will find useful,
  • general things about TLM that I think will be useful, etc.

I also want my posts to be consistent with our mission: To significantly improve the quality of life on the planet by having people recreate their lives and live as the unlimited possibilities they are.

My posts average about 1200 words and are written over the course of 3-4 days. I usually write a draft on Thursday or Friday and then make at least 5-10 complete edits over the next few days, posting on Tuesday. I spend about two to three hours total each week writing my blog post, except on complicated subjects like last’s week post on emotional eating, when I spent about five hours.

This week I want to devote this space to asking you if there is any specific topic that you would like me to write about.  What would you like to know that would make a real difference in your life?  Obviously anything I write about will be in the framework of The Lefkoe Method.

To see what topics I’ve covered already, here is a link to a table of contents for all of my posts thus far.  If you’ve just started visiting my blog, there are a lot of really interesting posts from the past couple of years that are worth reading.  I’ve included links in case you missed any of them or would like to revisit any that look interesting to you. https://www.mortylefkoe.com/table-of-contents/

Please tell me in the comments section below what you would like me to write about in the future.

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