Today, I’m going to reveal the number one mistake people make when it comes to dealing with powerful, negative feelings … and why you must avoid it at all costs in order to have peace of mind and confidence to take action.

But first, I’m going to tell you about white bears.

Polar bear

Decades ago some psychologists did an experiment in which they asked people to try not thinking about white bears for five minutes.

And of course, what do you think happened?

People tried to distract themselves by thinking of other things like cars, people, books they’ve read.  However, they thought of white bears at least a few times during those five minutes.

But once the allotted time had passed, something more interesting happened … thoughts of white bears shot through the roof.

They kept seeing them everywhere.  They thought of them even more.

This is called the rebound effect.

If you try not to think about something for a period of time you might be successful in the short term but eventually you start thinking about it more and more.

So why do I mention this?

Because it relates to a mistake people make when trying to handle negative feelings.

What is that mistake?

Trying to think positively when you’re feeling bad.

Think about it:

If thinking positive when feeling bad worked, wouldn’t everybody do it?

Every scared, depressed, angry or unhappy person would just think about how wonderful everything is and their negative feelings would magically go away.

And of course, you know this doesn’t work.

It’s like trying not to think of white bears by thinking about a Ferrari.  It works for a while but then the thoughts and feelings come back even stronger. (And now the white bear might be driving the Ferrari.)

Bear driving car

Now here’s the second tip:

One thing my husband Morty taught is that you can dissolve meaning using his Lefkoe Freedom Process.  And when you master this process dissolving meaning becomes an automatic habit.

Meaning you don’t have to do the process anymore.  It goes on in the background while you go on enjoying your life.  

And to form this habit requires a LOT of practice.

And to be honest practice for many of us can be so, so … BORING.

So how do we make practice more fun… even exciting?

Set yourself an exciting goal and a way to measure your progress towards that goal.

Your goal has to be something that you really want.  Not something others want for you.

It’s gotta be something that with your current habits is not possible, but will be possible when you change.

And measurement is key.

You have to know that you’re getting closer to your goal.

As you practice, and as your practice brings you closer to reaching your goal, you’ll get more and more motivated, more and more excited.

Practice won’t be boring or a burden.

Practice will be your passion.

Now this third tip is something that we’ve only given to members of the Lefkoe Freedom Course until now.  

It’s simple.  It’s easy to implement.  It’s effective.

It’s an automated reminder that anyone can set up.  You don’t even need modern technology.

It’s using an hourly alarm to remind yourself to dissolve your occurrings.

When one of our students came up with this idea years ago, we all started using it and noticed the fantastic results it brings.

Set an alarm every waking hour.

When it goes off, notice your occurrings.

Then dissolve them.


This tip alone will transform your day… and your life.

And if you haven’t used the Lefkoe Freedom Process yet, (or need a refresher) I’ve included the steps in a PDF here.  So please use that along with the alarm and take note of the many ways in which fear, anger and stress continue to be reduced.

Think about it:

How wonderful would your life be if your negative reactions to events vanished?

Imagine that fear almost never showed up to hold you back.  Imagine that virtually no one and no thing could make you angry.

Imagine how much your life could change after just 10 weeks of instruction, guidance and support.

Develop the three habits I teach in sequence and you’ll gain the power of a quiet mind.  Things that bother you today, will lose any influence over you.  You’ll have true freedom.  

Freedom to choose how you experience life.

Only available for a little while longer.

So go here NOW:
How to gain the power of a quiet mind