One year ago today the world lost a great man and I lost the love of my life.

I wanted to thank all of you for being part of our tribe and using his work to live freer, fuller, more joyful lives. That was his dream. That is what gave his life purpose.

The mission of the Lefkoe Institute is to free people from their limiting beliefs so they can live life as the unlimited possibilities that they are. That is what got him out of bed every morning.

That is what is life was devoted to.

He was the kindest, most loving non-judgmental man I have ever known.

At his service a year ago two friends said that they knew him 40 years and never heard him say a bad word about anyone.

Another friend said “he taught me how to express love.”

My daughter Blake said “It was one thing to know that I was loved unconditionally every day of my life, but to never feel judged….”

He cared deeply about people and spent his days creating ways to help them. He was the real deal.

The world is a better place because he was here. I was blessed to share 35 exquisite years with him and shall hold every moment in my heart as I honor his memory today.

May his legacy continue through you.

With love,


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