Can I eliminate beliefs on my own? Do you have Certified Lefkoe Method Facilitators in my area? How do beliefs differ from occurrings?

Now that over 100,000 people from over 60 countries have eliminated at least one belief using the Lefkoe Belief Process, we get calls all day long from every corner of the globe. We are asked these and similar questions about the Lefkoe Institute’s products and services that are designed to free you from your limitations and enable you to create the life you’ve always wanted to live.

Although we are happy to talk to you directly and personally answer all your questions, I thought it would be useful to describe in a blog post all the products and services we offer and how they differ from each other. This post will help you decide which of our products or services will best help you reach your goals and give you some suggestions on where to begin. Please don’t hesitate to call us at (415) 506-4472 if you still have any questions.

The sources of our problems

The Lefkoe Method (TLM) consists of several processes that we use to help clients eliminate limiting beliefs and de-condition stimuli that result in negative emotions. Here is a short description of the major processes.

The most significant source of our self-imposed limitations is our beliefs. Our core beliefs about ourselves, people and life are formed in the first five or six years of life through interactions with our primary caretakers, usually our parents. Other beliefs can be formed at any point in our lives and determine our behavior and influence our feelings. All of these beliefs can be eliminated with the Lefkoe Belief Process.

Our emotional life is the result both of beliefs and conditionings. Emotions can result from conditioned events, such as fear that is caused by criticism, or anger caused by being told what to do. Such conditionings can be de-conditioned with the Lefkoe Stimulus Process.

Our feeling sense of ourselves (such as heavy, overwhelming, and despair) can be the result of a conditioned sense of self, which can be de-conditioned by the Lefkoe Sense Process. And we can have feelings resulting from our expectations, such as expecting disaster when we try something new. Such negative expectations can be eliminated with the Lefkoe Expectation Process.

On a moment-to-moment basis, our reactions are determined mainly by our “occurrings,” which are the meaning we give to events that have no inherent meaning. To use the example I’ve used before, imagine a friend of yours comes into a room, sees you, and doesn’t say hello. To many of us it would seem as if what actually happened in reality was our friend was angry with us. In fact, all that happened is that our friend saw us and did not say hello. That event has no inherent meaning. That he is angry with us is how the event occurs to us. Beliefs are generalized statements about ourselves, people and life that serve as a filter through which we view reality all the time. Our “occurrings,” on the other hand, are the meaning we give specific events as they happen moment-to-moment. The Lefkoe Occurring Process teaches you how to distinguish between events and how events occur for us, and then how to dissolve the occurring.

The Lefkoe Method

logoThe Lefkoe Method consists of all the processes we have created, most of which I’ve described above. For more details about these processes and a few others, designed mainly for organizations, please see a series of four blog posts I wrote in 2010.

The different ways the Lefkoe Institute can help

Step 1: The best place to get an experience of how the Lefkoe Belief Process eliminates beliefs is, where you can eliminate three of the most common beliefs without charge. This is an excellent way to determine if TLM will be useful for you.

Step 2: The simplest and least expensive way to eliminate 19 of the most common beliefs and four of the most common conditionings is our Natural Confidence program. Getting rid of these beliefs and conditionings will eliminate eight common problems, such as procrastination, worrying what others think about you, and your fear of rejection. This is available as streaming video or streaming video and a DVD. Information and an order form can be found at

The self-help/help others path

Step 3a: Because so many of you asked us to create a course to learn how to eliminate beliefs on your own, we did so and started offering such a training last year. This on-line course only teaches you how to eliminate a belief once you know what it is. You learn how to eliminate your own beliefs and how to help others get rid of beliefs. For more information about this course, please go to

Step 3b: Two additional courses are in development. We intend to create a second Lefkoe Belief Process Training later this year that will teach you how to identify all the beliefs that cause any given problem. At some point we also will create a course that teaches you how to use some of the de-conditioning processes, namely, the Lefkoe Stimulus Process, the Lefkoe Sense Process, and the Lefkoe Expectation Process.

Step 3c: Parenting. My wife Shelly has created a separate parenting business that offers a seven-CD program called “Parenting the Lefkoe Way.” It teaches parents how to enable their children to form positive beliefs out of their daily interactions and helps parents identify beliefs they may have that are adversely affecting their parenting. For information about this course please go to

The webinar path

Step 4: At present there is only one way to learn how to use the Lefkoe Occurring Process (LOP) and that is the Lefkoe Occurring Course. This course consists of a webinar of an hour and 45 minutes weekly for 10 weeks. In this course you learn, first, how to distinguish between events and the meaning you give those events (how the events occur to you) and, second, how to completely dissolve the meaning so you are left with nothing but the events. And because most of our moment-to-moment feelings are the result of the meaning we give to meaningless events, dissolving the meaning also dissolves the negative feelings caused by our occurrings, such as frustration, annoyance, upset, stress, anxiety, and anger. For more information on this course please go to

The Certified Lefkoe Method Facilitator path

Step 5: The best place to get help identifying and then eliminating all the beliefs and conditionings that are causing any given problem—including emotional eating, improving golf performance, and a fear of public speaking—is one-hour one-on-one sessions with a Certified Lefkoe Method Facilitator (CLMF). Most of our CLMF are located in California, but almost all of our sessions are held on the phone or Skype. For more information or to schedule a phone or Skype session please call us at (415) 506-4472.

Although we have helped clients with almost all the problems they might see a psychotherapist for, including problems as serious as depression and phobias, and as common as worrying about what people think of you and procrastination, we have several niche areas that a CLMF can help you with. The major ones are described below.

Fear of Public Speaking

If your problem is a fear of public speaking, and if you prefer to work with a trained facilitator, we guarantee to help you totally eliminate that fear in four one-hour one-to-one sessions. For information about that specific program please go to You also can order a DVD program designed just to handle that problem. It can be found at The Natural Confidence program has many of the same beliefs and conditionings as the UnDoItYourself DVD program, but we would recommend the latter program if you specifically want to get rid of the fear of public speaking.

How we help organizations

We offer a special service to organizations that is designed to help executives and managers become more effective at their job. We employ all the tools of TLM to accomplish this. We have been able to help employees become more innovative, gain better interpersonal skills, delegate more, become more decisive, and gain more confidence. For information about this unique program please visit


We discovered years ago that TLM can make a profound difference in a golfer’s mental game. Eliminating beliefs and learning how to dissolve negative self-talk during a round can reduce your handicap by at least several strokes. For more information about our golf program please go to

Emotional Eating

Emotional eating is caused both by beliefs and a different type of conditioning. Stimulus conditioning consists of conditioning an event to produce an emotion, as discussed above. The conditioning involved in emotional eating is conditioning an event to produce a behavior, namely, eating. So boredom, loneliness, feeling unloved, and many other negative feelings can get conditioned to produce a desire to eat. Getting rid of emotional eating requires de-conditioning as many as 20 different triggers, in addition to eliminating any relevant beliefs. The de-conditioning can be done easily with the Lefkoe De-conditioning Process. For more information about our emotional eating program, please read my eBook, The Secret to Ending Overeating For Good, which you can get free at

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This blog post should help to clarify the difference between our various products and services that are designed to help free you from your limitations. If you have any further questions, please let me know and I will try to answer frequently asked questions in another post. If you have a question about your personal needs, please call us at (415) 506-4472.

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