HMelody-Flectcheri. This is Morty Lefkoe with another edition of the weekly podcast, Conversations with top personal development bloggers. Every week, we have a conversation with a blogger who has a slightly different take on personal development. There’s so much valuable material being offered by personal development bloggers.

 This is the best place to find out which ones might provide you with just what you’re looking for, what’s unique about each blogger, why they started writing their blog, how their personal experiences inform their writing, why you ought to be reading their blog and lots more.

 Today, I have the pleasure to talk to Melody Fletcher, who writes a blog called, “Deliberate receiving.” Let’s find out about Melody. You’re in Barcelona, Spain right?


Melody: I am, Morty. Thank you very much for having me on. I’m in gorgeous Barcelona, Spain.

Morty:   My pleasure. What got you to Barcelona? You don’t sound like you have a Spanish accent so you don’t sound like you were born there. How did you get there?

Melody: I was backpacking around Europe for four months, having stepped out of the corporate world for little while. I’ve been working in Germany for a few years and just got really tired of it and thought I’d travel around the world.

The original plan was to teach English and travel all around the world but then I got stuck in Barcelona because I loved it so much. I traveled through here and then just decided to stay here.

I taught English for a year, hated it, but loved Barcelona so I decided to stay here, but give up the English teaching thing and got a proper job for a while.

Morty:   Wonderful, okay. It’s worth a way to get there.

Melody: It is. It’s a city that you just fall in love with when you come here. It’s absolutely magical and it’s been incredibly transformative for me because I stepped right back into the corporate world for a while when I was here and did that for five years.

I don’t think I would have grown as much in another country as I would have in Spain. The Spanish are very relaxed. For example, if you eat lunch at your desk, they look at you like you’re crazy. They wonder, “Why would you do that? Why wouldn’t you just go out into the sun and eat?”

If you have your coffee at your desk, again you’re just stupid. Go down to the coffee shop and have a proper coffee like a normal human being. You start to get influenced by that and I think that really started to open my eyes to why am I running all the time? Why am I constantly hurrying all the time? Why am I trying to produce, produce, produce? What is it that I actually want?

Over the course of five years, that really did help me to calm down a bit and then I stepped out of the corporate life and started doing what I’m doing now.

Morty:   We’ll get to that in a second. Just to think about Barcelona, my daughter Britney when she was in high school not majored in but was really interested in Spanish and she was taking advance placement Spanish et cetera and they had a special program where their Spanish teacher took a bunch of them over to Barcelona for I think a couple of weeks, two weeks, or two and a half weeks.

Total immersion, they spoke nothing but Spanish, went to the museums and had some classes there and everything. She loved the experience. She said she just loved being there. When you said Barcelona, I said, “Oh, yeah I know a little bit about that. My daughter’s been there.”

Melody: It’s an amazing city. It’s just right on the Mediterranean, you’ve got the mountains really close, it’s got a very artistic culture, architecture is amazing, it’s got a beautiful energy, which is why I’ve been here for 12 years. I’ve never lived that long anywhere in my entire life, but I continue to love it here.

Morty:   Well I’m glad it’s worked out. You talked for a little bit about your corporate background. What was the impetus to start your blog?

Melody: That had absolutely nothing to do with my corporate background because I have a very varied background. I used to work in the restaurant industry and then I worked in the casino industry in Las Vegas and then I worked in telecommunications in Germany and then technology in Barcelona, around the technology service center here, so very varied background.

All my life really I had a drive to help people and I was always a teacher and always could read energy and suppress that for many years because I thought that was just weird and you can’t really bring that out. You can’t sit in a corporate meeting and go, “Okay everyone, let’s visualize and meditate.” At least I didn’t think you could do that.

Now they pay thousands of dollars for people to teach them how to do that, but not in my day they didn’t. When I finally left the corporate world, the input there was to leave the corporate world because it was painful for me to be there and I just couldn’t take it anymore.

I took a year off and just got into a cocoon and didn’t really do anything except for meditate a lot, made a lot of space for myself. Within that space, I started to hear my own voice and started to hear that voice that I have been suppressing for many years.

It did come out here and there. I’ve been studying different techniques and different metaphysical things. In that space, it really started to hit home. It was after two, three months of really just making space and hearing my own voice that I had this big awakening moment I guess you could call or the first one of many, where the universe had made absolute total sense.

Everything just started to make sense to me. Then I went to Peru for a month and worked with a Shaman and that deepened the entire experience and really I like to say took my connection with source or the universe or God or whatever you want to call it from a Rickety 1930’s telephone connection to fiber optic video and just opened everything up and it was off of that that I wanted to start my blog.

I said, “Okay, I’ve always been a teacher. I need to own that and I’m going to start publishing this information.” I started a site and a few months later started my blog and just started writing. I’ve always been a writer, I always been drawn to writing so that’s a really comfortable medium for me and started to find my voice and started to share.

The audience came and that started it. That’s exactly what I’ve been doing since then. I put it out there and people that are interested comment and read it.

Morty:   How long have you been writing? When did the blog actually start?

Melody: I have had this blog for about three and a half years now and blogged for about a year before I did anything. I didn’t even think about monetizing it. After about a year I realized I needed to start coaching people and then realized that I’ve been coaching people all my life.

In fact, the funny thing is when I really came out of the spiritual closet so to speak to some of my former colleagues from the corporate world. Many of them weren’t really surprised at all.

They said, “Oh, yeah we can see that. You were always like that.” I thought I’ve been hiding it. You can’t hide who you are. I started coaching and I’ve been doing that for about three years now I guess. Maybe the blog is almost four years old actually. Time flies.

Morty:   What’s your background? You hinted that it’s specifically in personal development. It sounds like it’s much more of almost the spiritual focus for you?

Melody: It can be a little bit of a spiritual focus although I don’t bring it into the spiritual that often because I guess my approach is really one that is somebody who … I work with very intellectual people. I work with people who tend to be very smart and to tend to over think everything. That’s how I always was until I get those people.

I like to really dissect things and make sense of them. I make sense of the law of attraction and in fact that’s my tagline where the law of attraction make some freaking sense, because for me, it is a great way to explain how the universe actually works.

What I talk mostly about is how to get rid of your limiting beliefs that are in your way. I can talk about that in terms of psychology and I could talk about it in terms of energy and I could talk about it in a really woo-woo terms. I always say I speak from woo to woo-woo and wherever you want to talk to me on that, I’ll find my way in that spectrum.

I have a lot of very intellectual types, doctors, lawyers, biologists, which is amazing to me, scientists, who find me and who read my stuff because I explain basically something that people have already intrinsically always known and how that actually works and how to incorporate that into the real world.

How do we actually create our own reality? That sounds really pretty and it sounds wonderful in theory but how do you actually implement that and practice. I actually break that stuff down to nitty-gritty detail and I do it in language that I curse on my blog, I talk the way that everybody talks. You could have a beer with me and I’m not this guru that’s above everybody. I break that down.

I do have the ability to read energy and when I’m coaching, I do read people’s energy but I explain to them how they can do the same thing. I think that’s the draw because I bring it into the real world for people.

Morty:   Very good. Were there any particular personal experiences, you talked about the Shaman in South America from a mountain in Peru, any other personal experiences that you’ve had that have been particularly useful to you in writing the blog?

Melody: Oh my god so many, personal experiences all the time. I just published my latest blog post that I just published. It was about animal communication and plant communication, which is out there, I get that, but still I felt really intuitively compelled to write that post and I’ve had a lot of experiences communicating with animals and plants and communicating with people, that have taught me a great deal about our limiting beliefs.

For example, one of the things that I talked about was that I was talking to a fruit tree, and this seems like such of banal story but it’s so meaningful. I was talking to a fruit tree and its fruit was rotting off its branches and it said, “Please eat my fruit. I want you to eat my fruit.”

I said, “It’s rotting, I’m really sorry I can’t eat it anymore.” Then I felt really bad. I was anthropomorphizing it and I just felt really bad and I thought, “Oh you poor thing, all you want to do is serve and we’re not allowing you to serve.”

The tree went, “No, that’s not what’s going on here. I want to serve generously but if you don’t eat my fruit, it’ll fall to the ground, it’ll serve the earth. I don’t really care if you eat my fruit or not. How I feel about myself isn’t tied to what you do, but I want to give generously.”

Our human brains often don’t want to wrap themselves around the idea of giving generously but unconditionally and not really giving a crap if the person benefits from it or not, just wanting to do it because it feels good.

That was such a powerful representation for me of unconditional love, unconditional to me, truly unconditional going, “I don’t need you, but I love you because I want to love you, not because you need to be loved. I don’t really care if you benefit. It’s great if you do, but you don’t, I still love you. That’s all right.”

I thought that was such a beautiful thing. I think nature, that’s definitely a personal experience that helped me and I tried to blog about my personal experiences, but then also like I said, break them down and explain to them what I learned from them and how that works.

Morty:   Very exciting. I’ve heard a lot about how plants and animals understand human communication. All the research had been done, if you walk into a room with the intention of watering a plant and you hook a plant up to all sorts of gizmos, there’s a totally different reaction than if you walk in with the idea of killing the plant. The plant picks that up.

I’ve never heard anything where people actually experienced receiving communication from plants but I’ve heard a lot of it the other way.

Melody: Everything has consciousness and that’s not just some airy fairy thing that some Buddhist said at one point, everything really truly has consciousness. The problem is is that we can’t allow ourselves to accept that as long as we are stuck in a place where we want to mistreat everything, because at that point, now we have to own our actions.

If you understand that the earth has consciousness, the mountain has consciousness, the plant has consciousness, suddenly you become afraid to interact with it. You go, “How can I eat this head of lettuce if it has consciousness?”

Of course you can because in the wild animals eat each other, they eat the plants and the plants want to nourish you, but they want to be respected for it. As long as we are in balance with everything, we can partake of everything but we’re not in balance, humans are not in balance with nature, we are not in balance with each other.

Nature is a reflection of how we’re essentially abusing ourselves and how we abuse each other. If you are willing to listen, there’s absolute consciousness. Animals are not stupid. They have thoughts just as cognitive as we do. They understand what’s going on. They don’t over complicate and over think things the way that we do, but they are just as cognitively sharp as we are. In some cases more so.

Morty:   Interesting. Very interesting. Would you say you have a typical audience? Do you have any idea what your demographics are?

Melody: I don’t know what a typical audience is. People always want to know, I can say, “Okay, women between their 30’s and 50’s and predominantly female audience and Ivy League educated or very successful or married to somebody very successful and usually successful on their own rite, very intellectual people.

Yet in reality, they’re all over the place. I’ve got teenagers up until people on their 80’s, I’ve got men, I’ve got women of all cultural backgrounds. What draws them is the energy of what I do, not a certain specific demographic.

I don’t think it’s fair to say that all women between a certain age group and a certain demographic have the same beliefs. I don’t think that that’s fair to say. I think that if you’re a person who resonates with the way that I explain things, you’re going to find my blog.

If you don’t, that’s okay too. There are tons of other teachers out there these days. Really, when I talk to my publisher about my demographic I’ll give them certain information, but the truth is, they’re all over the place because it’s an energy signature not a certain age range or certain occupation.

Morty:   Is your main audience mainly in the US or other English speaking countries in Europe or where?

Melody: Yeah, mostly in English speaking countries but mostly in the US, Australia, UK, New Zealand, South Africa. I have clients all over the world. India, I get read a lot in India as well, but then there are people in

[inaudible 00:14:39] country for example, I seem to be quite popular in Sweden and people in Scandinavian countries speak a lot of English, so anybody that speaks English to a high enough level to be able to read my stuff that resonates with that will come to my blog.

People in non-English speaking countries do tend to learn English. It’s the English speakers who don’t tend to learn any other languages. I’m all over the place, but obviously predominantly in English speaking countries.

Morty:   You’ve talked a lot about different kinds of things you talk about in your blog. Is there an essential message? Is there some essence of all your blogs, some essential message, what would you say your essential message is?

Melody: Yes, the core message is that we are vibrational beings. We are beings of energy and we are far more powerful than we think we are. We are essentially in a virtual reality game. That’s not to diminish what we’re doing here but it’s to show us how we shouldn’t take things too seriously and how much control we actually have.

The way that we create our reality is by the vibration that we emanate. It’s by what we focus on. The way that we know if we’re focusing on something that we want to create or something that we don’t want to create is our emotions.

The core message is, “Pay attention to how you feel, because your emotions are telling you, are you lining up with something that you want? Are you lining up with something you don’t want?”

Of course in our society, we have come to learn, we have been taught often violently so to focus on things and to keep doing things that feel like crap. We even are proud of ourselves and our ability to put up with a bunch of stuff that feels like crap, how much pain, I have a really high pain threshold. I am so great as a human being.

Really you want to just say, “No, you’re really stupid,” because no other species on earth runs towards pain. We’re the only ones who do that, not even the one celled amoeba will do that. If you put an electric shock in a petri dish they all run away from it. Nobody runs towards it, but humans, we run towards it and that we’re proud of ourselves for it and there is no reason for it.

We need to stop doing the stuff that feels bad and we need to start doing the stuff that feels good. If we can just learn that one simple lesson that every other species on this planet embodies, our lives will get a lot better.

Morty:   Very good. Great message. How often do you post Melody?

Melody: I now post about once a week. I used to do three times a week. I’m too busy now so I have just taken it down recently to once a week and sometimes put out a little Monday post, I post on Thursdays.

My posts are really long. I’m not that kind of blogger who puts five posts a week and they’re little short. I’d rather dissect one topic in depth. My posts tend to be something that you can chew on for a few days.

I have about 500 blog post that are article length that you can look up in my archives including audios and videos. There’s a whole treasure trove of information there if this is a topic that you’re interested in that will teach you all about it essentially.

A lot of people learn a lot just by coming to the blog and reading a whole bunch.

Morty:   Mine also, I do once a week and mine I think a short one is a 1,000, 1,100 words and they’re very often 13, 1,400 words. That’s what I do also. To the extent that you’re familiar with other bloggers, how would you describe what is unique about your blog? Some may say, “What is unique about this particular blog from Melody, what would that be?”

Melody: I think the most unique thing is that it’s funny. I know that’s putting pressure on me now like “Be funny now Melody.” I do tend to have a really humorous style. Some blog posts are more humorous than others and that was something that I didn’t do in the beginning because I was afraid that maybe people wouldn’t take it seriously.

Then I realized, “I don’t take life seriously. I don’t think we should take life seriously. I think we should have fun. If we’re supposed to have fun then how could I not incorporate that into the blog?” I write the way that I speak.

There’s a lot of funny cat pictures on my blog and that sort of thing. I think that really differentiates it. Also, because I am willing to go places that other people aren’t, I’m willing to answer questions that other people aren’t. No question is too tough. I don’t care what people ask me, I’ll answer it because I cannot claim that this is a philosophy that applies to everything if I’m not willing to apply it to everything.

I don’t shy away from the tough questions. You’ll find all kinds of questions from skeptics on my blog that I’ve answered. Also that I break things down in nitty-gritty. I tend to give stuff away that other people charge a lot of money for. I’ll dissect the whole thing and show you exactly how it works and it’s all on my blog for free.

I got to say I don’t charge for anything and I have a book coming out next year. The information, I don’t think that we should charge … This is my personal opinion and other people can disagree with me. I just do what I want. I don’t feel comfortable charging for the information. I charge for helping you to apply it.

Morty:   Very good. Do you have a long-term goal for your blog?

Melody: To change the world. Absolutely I think that we’re in the best time ever. I think the world is crossing a mass or has just crossed a mass of threshold. We are becoming much positively focused, less fear focused than we’ve ever been. I think a lot of the turmoil in the world is showing that.

It is purging out of us just like if you’re doing a detox, the juice cleanse and you have all the nasty crap coming out of you, that’s what’s happening right now. I see my self as one of the many people, but one of the people who are bringing in that whole new world, that whole new reality.

Morty:   What’s your mission in life and how does writing the blog contribute to it? You’ve been talking about that but beyond the blog, how would you describe, here’s what I’m here to do and hit the blog as contributing to that in some specific way?

Melody: On the highest level, I’m here to hold energy. That’s really how I see myself. I’m the person who holds energy so that means that my goal first and foremost has to be the focus on my own energy which I think everybody needs to do. It all starts from within and I practice what I preach.

I hold my own energy. I focus on world peace. I focus on the world that I want to live in. I’ve created that on a micro level in my own world. I focus on that. I hold that energy for the rest of humanity.

So many people are focused on the problem. Some of us have got to be focused on solution and I truly believe and have had this demonstrated to me that unresistant desire must manifest. It must. It is law.

When I hold an unresistant desire for world peace, that has to manifest for me. If others join and do that as well, that I do think has the ability to influence humanity in a positive way. For me the blog is some place where people can come and get clarity, but also can get … Vibration does transfer through audio, it transfers through the written word.

If it’s an environment that helps you feel better, that’s actually a reaction I get a lot from people. They say, “All I do is open your blog and I already start to feel better. This is the place that I come. This is my sanctuary because it always helps me feel better.”

Makes sense because I’ve explained something in a certain way but sometimes it’s just because it’s a happy, shiny place. It has a high vibration and has a happy vibe and people can come there to feel better. I think that might sound trite to some people but I think that that’s probably the best value that I can provide.

Morty:   Do you accept comments on your blog?

Melody: Oh yeah.

Morty:   Do you respond to them?

Melody: I no longer can respond to most of my comments. I wrote a blog post a couple years ago and said, “I’m so sorry guys, I can’t do this anymore. There’s just too much to do and I need to focus on what I can in order to spread this stuff to as many people as possible.”

The beautiful thing that has happened is that now that I no longer respond to every comment, people are responding to each other. There’s a whole community of people. When somebody ask a question, always three, four people who are very wise and very good at this jump in and answer the question just as good if not better than I would have.

There’s this really support of community of people that are answering each others comments. That would have never happened if I continue to answer every comment which was hard for me to stop doing. No, I don’t answer every comment but they get answered.

Morty:   I find it something to say that might answer the ones that are specific questions or specific confusions I just can’t get to them all, but I’m finding in recent years the same and off a lot of people who’ve been reading me for a while jump in and answer as well as I could. Very good.

I think we got most of what I was looking for. Is there anything else you’d like our audience to know about you and your blog, you want to say something about your upcoming book or anything else you offer, anything else you haven’t covered yet?

Melody: Yeah, I’ve got a book coming out next June with Hay House and manifested that effortlessly. You could learn how I did that on my blog, I wrote about it. I also have a live event coming up in New York City in November which I’m super excited about. It’s going to be a full day workshop.

Again, this just explains a nitty-gritty detail. Both of them are going to explain in nitty-gritty detail how the universe actually works, what you got to do to get the life that you want.

Morty:   The best place to find you then is Is that it?

Melody:, exactly, because everything talks about deliberate creation. The creation’s not the problem, it’s the receiving it, it’s getting it into your life, that’s why I called it, “Deliberate receiving.”


Melody:Dot com.

Morty:   Thank you so much. I really appreciate you’re spending the time today. We had a great conversation. You’ve excited me to go back and read some more than I already have. Clearly, you’ve got a very unique voice. You offer something that no other personal development blogger that I know of offers in quite the same way. I’m sure that there’s a lot more people that already follow you who’d like to follow you if they knew more about you. Hopefully this interview will make you well better known to a lot of people who don’t know about you.

Melody: Thank you so much, Morty. I really appreciate the chance to talk to you.

Morty:   This was a fun conversation and it was good to talk to you. If you ever find yourself in San Francisco, I think I’d love to sit down and have lunch or dinner or hang out for a little bit and talk a little bit. It sounds like you got a lot of fascinating ideas and to say I’ll go spend a little bit more time on your blog and do a little bit more reading myself.

Until we have a chance to talk again or meet in person, it was good talking to you and look forward to getting this interview up on my podcast.

Melody: Thank you very much.

Morty:   Have a great day.

Melody: You too.


  1. bob October 28, 2015 at 7:25 am - Reply

    been trying to manifest loa in many ways for over 40 years and can say it does NOT ever happen- blah blah bloody blah- someone i know went qiute insane following what he was told to do quite religiously- lots or most things are planned before we come into this life so we are not going to be able to change that at will from this side – its all wishfull thinking – oh and by the way i have tried melodys approach also- dear dear dear- what a fool i must be– of course the easiest cop out of all when it doesn,t happen is to say that we are doing it wrong- and what happens to all the people’s comments like mine which never see the light of day i wonder– and has anyone ever wondered why these so called self help guru’s badger us ? could it be to sell us their latest books and other rubbish ?

  2. shaun September 20, 2014 at 12:49 pm - Reply

    Hi Morty and Melody. I have communicated with you both in the last 2 years and spoke to you morty once on your beliefs course. It made me smile when i saw you were interviewing Melody. Both your blog sites are excellent places to go to learn. I enjoyed the podcast. It’s a great idea. Warm regards Shaun.

  3. Kim Phelps September 19, 2014 at 12:07 pm - Reply

    Morty, thank you for doing this podcast. I absolutely adore Melody Fletcher and follow her so that I can be a happy shiny puppy too! ;) The extra bonus of the interview is getting to “meet” you! As always, looking forward to learning more!

  4. Marjorie September 19, 2014 at 7:34 am - Reply

    Thanks for this story! I love Melody and am a client of hers. I think it’s so exciting that she has now introduced us to you, Morty…another teacher on my path. I am thankful for the both of you


  5. Stacie September 13, 2014 at 6:28 am - Reply

    Thanks so much for this podcast, Morty. I love Melody! I’ve been following her for about 18 months, and look forward to her weekly blog posts. Indeed, it is her energy that draws us in and keeps us “happy shiny puppies” coming back.

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