Shelly’s car after the accident

Note: Shelly wrote this on October 9th.

On Wednesday, September 26, I had a really bad car accident.  I was T boned, which means someone hit me right in my drivers side. I remember nothing of being hit, being in the ambulance or having a head CT scan.

My first memory after the accident was of seeing my daughter’s beautiful face and not knowing where I was.

As I lie here in my hospital bed with three broken ribs, a pelvis broken in two places, a broken ankle and a concussion it occurs to me how much I have used the Lefkoe Freedom Process over the course of the last few days.

It has become largely automatic, but every once in awhile I fall into the pity pot.  

Below are a few of the times I’ve used it since the accident:

Event: Car accident

Meaning:  This is terrible.

Alternative interpretations: I’m alive and can still walk and think and the person who hit me is ok.  

I can see now that the accident has no inherent meaning and doing the exercise changed my state from self-pity to gratitude.  

Here’s another one:

Experience: I’m not able to get out of bed.  

Meaning: It’s bad that I can’t get out of bed.  

The fact that I’ve been unable to get out of bed is hard but it can also be a blessing because I have health care and am able to rest and get the care I need.

Experience: High levels of pain.

Meaning: It’s terrible to have this pain.

Alternative interpretations: I’m so blessed to have survived the accident.  I could have been a paraplegic or dead. And it’s fortunate that I have access to such great medical care.

The fact that I have pain is uncomfortable but it doesn’t mean it will never go away, or that I have to suffer.  There are options available to deal with the pain such as meditation, visualization and drugs.

Event: My daughter Blake lives in Hawaii and other family members also live thousands of miles away.

Meaning: Poor me.  I won’t get the care and love I need to heal.  

Alternative interpretations: I have my women’s group who are like family and friends who have totally stepped up.  I am blessed.

And my last one:

Event: I’m unable to concentrate for an entire hour so I am not doing sessions with clients.

Meaning: The business will suffer. My clients will suffer.  This is terrible.

Alternative interpretations:  Rodney has stepped up as well as my two best friends.  Including one that I certified ten years ago who offered to do sessions for me.  So my clients and business don’t have to suffer.

I am in no way saying that this is a pleasant experience but using the LFP has made it much easier to get through this.  There are moments where I actually do feel like the most blessed person in the world.

Recently, we had someone write in telling us that the Lefkoe Freedom Process can’t help anyone.  He wrote that when good things happen you feel good and when bad things happen you feel bad.

That’s true for most people much of the time.

But “bad” events don’t have to lead to a downward spiral.  It’s possible to have “negative” events feel much less bad than they do now.  And after we dissolve meaning, it’s more likely that we will grow from our challenging experiences.

To try the Lefkoe Freedom Process, you can use the instructions found here.

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