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I was thinking back the other day about what has had the greatest impact on my life, and I recalled a specific session that I had with your late beloved husband, Morty. I had the good fortune of being asked to participate in one of the top real estate expos in the country, but even so, my sales were nowhere near the other top sellers. I had a session with Morty, and he helped me realize that I had was being held back because I felt that I was unworthy of having higher sales and unworthy of being successful. After identifying the problem, he walked me through the process of eliminating those false beliefs. The following weekend, I increased by sales by ten fold with over $450,000 in sales and I went on to becoming one of the top selling speakers in my industry.

I am a firm believer in your system–that you can create your own life by identifying and eliminating false beliefs that are holding you back. Morty helped me both personally and professionally with a variety of obstacles, and I am so grateful. I would not have the success I have today if it were not for the sessions that I had with him. I am thrilled that you are continuing your work to help others achieve breakthroughs in their life, and I love that you even have the “do-it-yourself” programs, which I am sure will be a blessing to so many people. I wish you all the best!

-Donna Bauer, The Notebuyer

Hi, it’s Shelly Lefkoe, co-founder of the Lefkoe Institute. Today I want to talk about something that’s on everybody’s mind in America right now. Every day we’re hearing more and more charges of sexual abuse, inappropriate behavior towards women in the workplace by people who we trusted, who gave us the news, who were in the entertainment industry, who were our politicians.

And I was really moved to make this video about what happens when someone is sexually assaulted, whether they’re assaulted, raped or inappropriately touched.

What I’ve found over the last 30 years of working with people is that it isn’t what happens to you that causes your life-long suffering, it’s the beliefs that you form out of what it is that happened.

I’m not in any way minimizing what happened if you were in fact raped, or sexually abused, or assaulted, or even touched inappropriately by someone.

That is a violation, it’s inappropriate, it might have been scary, it might have been a horrible experience, and I am 100% compassionate with whoever had an experience like that.

I have worked with many people who’ve been raped, and it’s the beliefs that they form, like, “I’m damaged goods, I’m powerless, nobody would want me, men are sleazy, men can’t be trusted” that determine how we will be later on in relationships, how we approach men in every aspect of our live.

And instead of looking and seeing, “Is this a man I can trust?” We will automatically not trust men.

If you believe “I’m damaged goods” that’s gonna hurt you in how you are, or even whether or not you enter into intimate relationships with men.

Very rarely do I make a video saying, “You should have a session with me.” But in this one I actually am.

I recently worked with a college student who was raped. And for a year and a half this young woman tortured herself. In one hour she got rid of the belief, “I’m damaged goods, I’m powerless, and men can’t be trusted.” It lifted for her.

In the second session we had she said, “Shelly, it’s a non-issue. I hated that it happened, I wished it didn’t happen, but it doesn’t mean anything going forward in my life.” And there was a lightness about her that just made my heart fill with joy.

So I am reaching out and saying if you or anyone you know has been raped, or sexually assaulted in any way, please contact Lefkoe Institute and we can help.

Thanks for listening.