Use your mind to affect your physical state

Two weeks ago I wrote the following in a post entitled, “Another major breakthrough is on the horizon”:
I now think there is something very […]

Am I in denial?

My friend said to me: “I don’t believe you.  You are in total denial.”

I had been having a conversation with my friend and I […]

Can you change your behavior and feelings without eliminating beliefs? Yes!

When I first developed the Lefkoe Belief process to eliminate limiting beliefs almost 28 years ago, very few people talked about the importance of […]

I was upset today … really upset

As I started to get dressed this morning it hit me.  “It” was this overwhelming feeling of unhappiness, heaviness, and upset.  I felt miserable.  […]

Are you run by your feelings?

Negative emotions like anxiety can be really painful.  I know because I felt anxiety and many other negative feelings intensely and frequently for most […]

Increase Your Happiness With One Distinction

Do you know the difference between beliefs and occurrings? They are totally different phenomena. And you need to be able to eliminate both of […]