Is Buddhism correct to say suffering is inevitable?

The Buddha said that suffering is inevitable. Our experience seems to confirm that. In the course of an average week, most of us experience […]

“Who” or “what” really creates our life?

In an earlier post I wrote that I realized that we give meaning to events before we form beliefs and that, in fact, the […]

Use your mind to affect your physical state

Two weeks ago I wrote the following in a post entitled, “Another major breakthrough is on the horizon”:
I now think there is something very […]

Would you like to feel unconditional love?

Would you like to experience more love and compassion for people and less judgment and criticism?  Most people would and lots of people have […]

Are we robots?

The behaviorist school of thought maintains that behaviors as such can be described scientifically without recourse either to internal physiological events or to hypothetical […]

Life is a game… and you make the rules

As I read your comments to last week’s post—in which I contended that forgiveness is never necessary because people’s behavior has no meaning—I could […]

You are both consciousness AND a "creation"

Based on surveys of my blog readers, most of you are primarily interested in changing your “creation”—in other words, you want to improve your […]