As a business consultant, Morty Lefkoe found that organizations that hired him and paid for his advice often didn’t follow it. Other consultants had the same problem—people seemed to resist change.

Morty solved this problem by creating his own brand of techniques to get people to embrace change called The Lefkoe Method. He’s helped over 18,000 people since then produce change in their organizations as well as in their personal lives. Examples of organizational change’s he’s made are Land’s End whose time to bring a new product to market he helped shrink from 14 months to 6 months. And Kondex whom he helped reduce the “cycle time”–the number of days it takes to get an order completed–from 33 days to 24 hours.

Examples of personal changes he’s helped people achieve are ending procrastination habits, getting rid of excessive perfectionism, and even stopping violent behavior. Many clients have gotten rid of their concern with what others thought of them. All clients, regardless of the problem they come to solve, significantly increase their level of self-confidence and improve their self-esteem. Case studies can be found in his book Recreate Your Life available at

His methods change not only behavior but also emotions. Because of this, he and his certified trainers have helped over 3,000 people eliminate the fear of public speaking. His method is so effective that when it was studied by scientists at the University of Arizona it was found to be effective at eliminating the fear of public speaking. After the 6-month follow-up Dr. Lee Sechrest who conducted the study said, “We had expected the fear to come back but it didn’t. They

[the subjects] had in fact changed. Their fear of public speaking was gone.”

Recently Morty solved another problem: How to help his approach to change get in the hands of more people. A friend of his told him a couple of years ago, “No matter how many people you train to use your belief-elimination process, there’s only so many people you can reach in one-to-one sessions. You’ve got to create a way to get this in the hands of millions of people.”

And so Morty and his company set out to create an interactive video program that’s already been seen by over 4,000 people and counting. He’s received over 100 positive comments about the life-changing nature of his new program on this blog and new comments are posted every day.

The Lefkoe Institute is offering anyone the opportunity to eliminate one of the most common limiting beliefs … free. Go to