Over the last several years I have struggled daily with a persistent and debilitating sense of fear around people.  I have seen counselors and I have taken anti-depressants. After a few years of fighting a losing battle over my social nervousness I gave up and became social anxiety’s victim.   My social anxiety directed my life. I felt empty inside. I hungered for more. I wanted to be free of fear yet I felt it was hopeless. My best friend spoke of the Lefkoe process.  Skeptical, but interested, I listened. He told me about the work Morty and Shelly were doing. And that they could change my life! With nothing to lose and my whole life to gain I called to schedule an appointment.  Immediately Shelly helped me realize that my environment and more specifically my interpretation of my environment caused a litany of beliefs that directly contributed to my social fears. I learned that my social anxiety was not genetic and even more importantly something I could overcome!  Over the last several sessions I have started to see the possibilities and everything is changing. The real me is coming out. She had helped me permanently remove the beliefs that I was ugly, stupid, and nervous. I love who I am now. When I started with Shelly my goal was to not be nervous.  While I have seen substantial improvement in that area I have learned something of more systemic value: Tony is great the way he is. Shelly has dedicated herself to making my life amazing. She pours her soul into our sessions and as a result I am dreaming again and I love it.