My six-year old son seemed to be going through a difficult stage and I was finding myself angry, frustrated, and upset whenever I spent time with him. Far from being the loving, supportive parent I had always hoped and expected to be, I was miserable, ashamed, and depressed because I hated the tense and angry person I turned into when I was with my son. I was able to identify and eliminate several of the beliefs that had been preventing me from being the kind of mother that I wanted to be. The results have been dramatic. Now, behavior from my son that would have triggered my anger in the past no longer does so. The tension is gone from my relationship with my son. I know I’m a better mother than I was. I’m so grateful that I found The Lefkoe Method before my son grew any older. We easily might have drifted apart and become one of the millions of dysfunctional families we all know.