I’m outstanding, I wish I had been like this since childhood, there are so many facets that have improved in my life that it will probably bore you to death, things for sure,

I’m more energetic, do things at once, no hesitation, very decisive, happier, ready to speak up and defend myself if I have to (with kindness, without attacking nor criticizing), participating and speaking more in front of people, better relationship and closer to my mother, have a lot more patience with her and with my wife, brother, kids and grandkids and I think with everybody in general, now I understand people better and probably where they are coming from.

I took a second job, long hours but my income has improved, this is not what I want but a temporary solution while I figure out what to do as you well suggested.

To tell you a secret I studied Engineering but never finished because I thought that if I built a house, a bridge or whatever, it would fall down… very low confidence I had, but as I feel now, I would have finished and with honors probably.