“If only I had more self-discipline”

When asked what qualities they would most like to have that they don’t already have, one of the most common answers given by people […]

It’s finally here after 17 years

It took 17 years but it’s finally here.

My last book, Recreate Your Life, was published in 1997.  My newest book, Live An Unlimited Life […]

Emotional eating can be stopped

For many years, therapists, coaches, and self-help authors have tried to help emotional eaters stop overeating in response to emotions. And unfortunately all of […]

How to Eliminate Triggers to Emotional Eating

If you have an emotional eating problem or know someone who does, this is the most important article you will read all year.

I’ve written several blog […]

Emotional Eating: My Kindle Book Describes The Cause And Cure

I’ve had many breakthroughs over the years, from creating the Lefkoe Belief Process that quickly and permanently eliminates the beliefs that run our lives, […]

How To Keep Your New Year’s Resolutions

Did you keep your New Year’s resolutions last year?  … What about the year before? …

If you are like most people, you worked on […]

Do you know about the two types of conditioning that have caused the emotional eating epidemic?

During the past two years I’ve written several blog posts about emotional eating and its causes.  As I learned more about emotional eating from […]

Emotional eating: the cause and the cure

Joanne was 52 when she called me to help her with her weight problem.  She said she needed to lose 80-90 pounds, but her […]

How can we serve you?

I am committed to making the Lefkoe Institute as helpful to you as possible. To that end I’ve created a number of products […]