Have you accumulated the wealth you want?

This week’s post is a condensed version of a newsletter that Anne Lieberman, a Certified Lefkoe Method Facilitator, wrote a few years ago.  She […]

Joe Vitale and I discuss the Law of Attraction

“What is your understanding of the Law of Attraction?” I asked Joe Vitale.  He has become a good friend who I really love and […]

What is the relationship between financial success and personal growth?

The tens of millions of people who are interested in self-improvement have two different but related focuses: financial success and personal growth.

People who primarily […]

Attract Money Now

If you are a reader of my weekly blog, you probably are interested primarily in

personal/spiritual growth, by which I mean improving the quality of […]

Get The Law of Attraction To Work For You

This past week I was attending my bi-annual meeting of the Transformational Leadership Council in New Orleans.  At one point I was talking to […]

Can Beliefs Keep You From Becoming Wealthy?

A few months ago I asked people on our mailing list which beliefs they thought were keeping them from becoming wealthy.  The top five […]