When I read about how people who had meditated for many years were able to experience increased love and compassion for virtually anyone, I thought: I’d like to have that experience.  So I decided to see if I could create a process that would enable others and me to achieve that very exciting goal without requiring the many years of meditation.  I developed a process that I tried with the 20 people in my last Advanced Lefkoe Freedom Course.  It was effective for most of them.

bigstock-I-Love-You-051413Here is a description of exactly what we did.  Try this exercise yourself and notice the profound change in your experience of other people.

How to experience increased love and compassion for others

First, get into the “creator” state using the Who Am I Really? Process.  You can access an mp3 of that program at http://d3n3f57qjh51zc.cloudfront.net/who-am-i-really-new.mp3.  The only requirement for using that program is having eliminated at least one belief using the Lefkoe Belief Process, which you can access at http://recreateyourlife.com.

When you get into that space you experience that anything is possible, that you have no limitations, and that there is nothing missing in your life.  You experience yourself as consciousness.

Second, while in that state imagine that everyone else, when they are in the same state, experiences himself or herself as the same consciousness as you.  A metaphor that helps make that real is to imagine yourself and everyone else as the ocean, and at any given minute you are a wave “over here” and any specific person is a wave “over there.’

Third, imagine a specific person as one of the waves. 

Fourth, make it as real as you can that who he/she really is is the ocean, the same consciousness as you, and not the wave.  Even though you can arbitrarily distinguish yourself from the other person as a separate wave in a different location, who you both really are is the ocean. 

Fifth, note your experience of love and compassion for that person.  How is it different from what you normally feel toward that person?

The experience of people who tried this process

Here are a few comments from people who did this process daily for a few weeks:

My feelings of love are strong and I find myself slipping into this feeling sometimes automatically, through I want to continue practicing, which I have not had enough time to do to make it automatic. There is a deep sense of connectedness with people which is just wonderful.

I feel I am consistently at nine or ten [on a scale from 1-10] with the people I focus upon. My view of them is a richness of connection. What is remarkable is that my feeling of unconditional love is deepening even with those who are neither “blood relations” nor “extended family.”  “I am you.  You are me” is becoming my mantra. I also feel like the boundary of “stranger” is thinning.

When ever I use the WAIR? process and think of someone that I know, I almost always find that I can love and accept that person the way that they are.  I see myself and them as essentially the same.

This exercise is tremendous and that is an understatement.  As I dissolve the more subtle occurrings that have to do with people I notice I can still conjure up love for them.  This happened at work recently where I was frustrated by a client’s behavior.  At the end I felt free and was able to make love possible. What a shift from my past usual response!

The first time you try this exercise you might not notice much of a change in your feelings about specific people.  It might take several attempts before you start to notice a difference in your response toward others.  But with practice you will experience a profound difference in your feelings toward the person you use in the exercise. 

Try it.  You have nothing to lose but a few minutes of your time.  And you have a lot to gain:  An increased feeling of closeness, compassion, and love toward almost anyone.

Thanks for reading my blog.  Please post your questions or comments about this exercise and your experience in using it.  Do you feel more love toward others?  Does that love increase as you do the exercise more often?  Your comments will add value for thousands of readers.  I read them all and respond to as many as I can. 

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